Advantages and Limitations of Internet Shopping, Benefits of Online Shopping

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Shopping through Internet or Internet Shopping is a system of retailing of goods through the Internet. The seller or manufacturers provides all information regarding the product, its specification, uses, etc. through its website. As a customer we have to access the website and view different products according to our need. Then we can compare the price of similar products available and also give special instructions to the seller regarding the goods. You have to make all payments through your credit card. On receiving your, order the supplier or seller delivers the goods at your place through postal service or courier. You can also give order from the cyber cafes. This type of retailing is also called ‘on-line shopping’. This is suitable for selling books, magazines, journals, software, health and beauty care items, etc.

Advantages of Internet Shopping

  • Goods from international market can be purchased sitting at home.

  • It saves time and effort of the customers.

  • It is the quickest mode of retailing.

  • The sellers find it economical because there is no need to keep large stocks of goods in their stores.

  • This system is very useful in foreign trade.

Benefit of Internet Shopping

Benefit of Internet Shopping

Limitations of Internet Shopping

  • It is not useful for those people who do not have knowledge of using a computer.

  • It does not allow physical inspection of goods.

  • Payments are required to be made through credit card, which the common man cannot afford to have.

  • The pleasure of personal shopping is absent.

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