Business Studies Ch-15 Advertising: Features, Importance or Objectives of Advertising

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Features of Advertising

By looking into the meaning and definition of advertising we can sum up the following features of advertising.

Image of Features of Advertising

Image of Features of Advertising

Non-Personal Presentation of Message

In advertising there is no face-to-face or direct contact with the customers. It is directed to the prospective buyers in general.

Paid Form of Communication

In advertising the manufacturer communicates with prospective customers through different media like, newspapers, hoardings, magazines, radio, television etc. He has to pay certain amount for using some space or time in those media.

Promotion of Product, Service or Idea

Advertisement contains any message regarding any particular product, service or even an idea. It makes people aware about the product and induces them to buy it.

Sponsor is Always Identified

The identity of the manufacturer, the trader or the service provider who issues advertisement is always disclosed.

Communicated through Some Media

Advertisements are always communicated through use of certain media. It is not necessary that there will be just one medium. All the media may also be used.

Importance or Objectives of Advertising

The main purpose of advertising is to communicate message or information to the customers. But while communicating such message or information it also serves beneficial for the sponsor or advertiser. Let us look into the various objectives of advertising.

Image of Importance or objectives of Advertising

Image of Importance or Objectives of Advertising

To Educate Customers

Can you remember the advertisement of Tata Namak on television? In this advertisement it is said that Tata Namak is good for health as it contains Iodine. This message educates you that iodine is good for health and Tata Namak contains iodine.

To Create Demand for New Product

You read in newspaper that a new type of pen called ‘Gel pen’ is introduced in the market, which is very economical and convenient in writing. This motivates you to buy the said pen. Similarly, many students like you shall also buy gel pen after coming to know about it through advertisement. This will create a demand for the new product launched in the market.

To Retain Existing Customers

You might remember that Nirma washing powder was a very popular detergent. But, after Wheel powder came to the market the sale of Nirma suddenly decreased. Then the manufacturers of Nirma improved the product and advertised about the same in different media. After knowing this the persons who were earlier using Nirma did not switch over to Wheel and continued using Nirma. In this manner Nirma sustained its existing demand. Thus, advertising helps the manufacturers not only to create a demand for a new product but also to retain the existing customers.

To Increase Sales

We have learnt that advertising creates demands for new products and sustains the demand of old one. Thus, with increase in demand, the sale of the product also increases.

To Assist Salesman

In most of the advertisements the salient features of a product, its qualities and its uses are expressed in detail. This assists a salesman to sell the product quickly without spending time in explaining and convening the customer.

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