Business Studies Ch-15 Advertising: Media of Advertising: Print Media: Newspapers and Periodicals (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Media of Advertising

Advertisements are communicated by using some media like, newspaper, journals, radio, television, etc. The following diagram shows some commonly used media of advertising.

Media of Advertising

Print Media

Print media is a very commonly used medium of advertising by businessman. It includes advertising through newspaper, magazines, journals, etc. and is also called press advertising.


In our country newspapers are published in English, Hindi and in other regional languages. These are the sources of news, opinions and current events. In addition, Newspapers are also a very common medium of advertising. The advertiser communicates his message through newspaper which reaches to crores of people.


  • Newspapers normally have wide circulation and a single advertisement in the newspaper can quickly reach to a large number of people.
  • The cost of advertising is relatively low because of wide publication.
  • Generally, newspapers are published daily. Thus, the same advertisement can be repeated frequently and remind readers every day.
  • The matter of advertisement can be given to newspapers at a very short notice. Even last-minute changes in the content are also possible. This makes advertising quite flexible.
  • Newspapers are published from different regions and in different languages. Hence, they provide greater choice to advertisers to approach the desired market, region and readers through local or regional language.


  • Newspaper advertising suffers from some limitations as mentioned below:
  • Newspapers are read soon after they are received and then are kept generally in some corner of the houses. After 24 hours we get a fresh newspaper and this makes the life of the newspaper short.
  • People read newspapers mainly for news and pay casual attention to advertisement.
  • Illiterate persons cannot read and thus, newspaper advertising does not benefit them.


Periodicals are publications which come out regularly but not on a daily basis. These may be published on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or even yearly basis. For example, you must have come across magazines and journals like Outlook, India Today, Frontline, Yojana, Fermina, etc. published regularly in English, Grah Shobha, Nandan and Champak in Hindi. Similarly, there are also periodicals in Hindi and other regional languages. All these periodicals have a large number of readers and thus, advertisements published in them reach a number of people.


  • Periodicals have a much longer life than newspapers. These are preserved for a long period of time to be referred in future or read at leisure or read again, whenever required.
  • Periodicals have a selected readership and so advertisers can know about their target customers and accordingly selective advertisements are given. For example, in a periodical like Fermina, which is a magazine for women, advertisements related to products to be used only by males are rarely published. However, manufacturers of products and services to be used by females prefer to give advertisement in this magazine.


  • Advertising in periodicals is costlier.
  • The number of people to whom the advertisements reach through periodicals is small in comparison to newspapers.
  • The advertisement materials are given much in advance; hence last-minute change is not possible. This reduces flexibility.

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