Business Studies Ch-15 Advertising: Media of Advertising: Electronic Media: Radio, Television and Internet (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Media of Advertising

Electronic Media

This is a very popular form of advertising in the modern-day marketing. This includes Radio, Television and Internet. Let us look into detail about these.

Media of Advertising Definition

Radio Advertising

  • All of us are aware about a radio and must have heard advertisements for various products in it.
  • In radio there are short breaks during transmission of any programme which is filled by advertisements of products and services. There is member of popular programmes sponsored by advertisers, on radio in which advertisements are given at regular intervals.


  • It is more effective as people hear it on a regular basis.
  • It is also useful to illiterates, who cannot read and write.
  • There are places where newspapers reading may not be possible, but you can hear radio. For example, you can hear radio while travelling on road or working at home; but you cannot read newspaper. Similarly, while driving you can hear a radio but cannot read a newspaper.


  • A regular listener may remember what he has heard. But occasional listeners tend to forget what they have heard in Radio.
  • The message that any advertisement wants to communicate may not be proper as there is no chance to hear it again immediately. There may be some other disturbances that distort communication.
  • In comparison to Television, Radio is less effective as it lacks visual impact.

Television Advertising

With rapid growth of information technology and electronic media, television has topped the list among the media of advertising. TV has the most effective impact as it appeals to both eye and the ear. Products can be shown; their uses can be demonstrated, and their utilities can be told over television. Just like radio, advertisements are shown in TV during short breaks and there are also sponsored programmes by advertisers.


  • It is most effective as it has an audio-visual impact.
  • With catchy slogans, song and dance sequences, famous personalities exhibiting products, TV advertising has a lasting impact. For example, who can forget Aamir Khan saying “Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola” or Sachin Tendulkar in Pepsi advertisement?
  • With varieties of channels and programmes advertisers have a lot of choice to select the channel and time to advertise.
  • With regional channels coming up any person even illiterates can watch the advertisements and understood it by seeing and hearing.


  • TV advertisements are usually expensive to prepare as well as to telecast.
  • With almost every manufacturer trying to communicate their message through TV advertising the impact among the viewers is also reducing. Now-a-days people are switching on channels whenever there is a commercial break.

Internet Advertising

Internet is the latest method of communication and gathering information. If you have a computer with an access to internet you can have information from all over the world within a fraction of second. Through internet you can go to the website of any manufacturer or service provider and gather information. Sometimes when you do not have website addresses you take help of search engines or portals. In almost all the search engines or portals different manufactures or service providers advertise their products.


  • Information from all over the world is made available at the doorsteps.
  • User can see the advertisement at any time and as per their requirement.


  • It is not accessible without a computer.
  • It is not suitable for illiterate and those having no knowledge about the operation of Internet.

Other Media

All the media of advertising discussed above are mostly used by consumers while they are at home or inside any room, except radio and newspapers or magazines to some extent. Moreover, in all these media, the consumer has also to spend some money to access the advertisement. However, there are other media available, where the consumer has to spend nothing, and he can see such advertisements while moving outside. Some of such advertising are hoardings, posters, vehicular displays, gift items, etc.


While moving on roads you must have seen large hoardings placed on iron frames or roof tops or walls. These are normally boarding on which advertisements are painted or electronically designed so that they are visible during day or night. The advertisers have to pay an amount to the owners of the space, where the hoardings are placed.


Posters are printed and posted on walls, buildings, bridges etc to attract the attention of customers. Posters of films which are screened on cinema halls are a common sight in our country.

Vehicular Displays

We must have seen advertisements on the public transport like buses, trains, etc. Unlike hoardings these vehicles give mobility to advertisements and cover a large number of people.

Media of Advertising Plan

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