Business Studies Ch-15 Advertising: Suitability of Media of Advertising: Newspapers, Periodicals, Radio and Television

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Suitability of Media of Advertising

The advertisers must look into the suitability of each medium of advertising in relation to their product. For this purpose, they must look into the nature of the product or service to be advertised, the target customers for such product, the amount of allocated funds for such advertising and the availability of space and time in each medium.

Image of Electronic Media of Advertising

Image of Electronic Media of Advertising

Image of Electronic Media of Advertising


These are suitable for consumer goods designed for general public. In case of new products to be launched, newspaper advertising is very useful as the same space can be occupied on a regular basis. Newspapers are also suitable for advertisements regarding clearance sale, exchange offers, etc.


These are suitable for products required by the target customers of the periodicals. For example, advertisement of any books can be given in journals like Readers’ Digest as the target customers of this periodical is assumed to be a reader, similarly interior decorators, architects, builders can advertise in magazines specifically containing items of design and decoration. Consumer goods products can be advertised in any periodical having wide circulation.


Radio is suitable for advertising different varieties of products. However, the timing is important for radio advertising. For example, after farmers come back from field they normally listen to radio and during this time any firm producing agricultural products can advertise or sponsor their programmes.


Choice of channels and programmes is important for the advertisers to advertise their product in TV. For example, in Cartoon Network channel, products for use of children can be advertised. Similarly, during any serials or films, consumer goods required by the family can be advertised. This medium is also suitable for products those require live demonstration while selling those to the consumers.

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