Business Studies Ch-16 Sales Promotion and Personal Selling: Meaning and Essential Elements: Promotion of Sales and Mutual Benefits

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Personal Selling

When you want to buy something you usually go to the concerned shop and purchase it from there. But, sometimes you find people bring certain goods or products and make them available to you at your place. For example, you find persons selling vegetables or rice by carrying the same in a cart and moving from door to door to sell. You must have noticed persons selling sarees, carpets, electronic items, etc. in a similar fashion. While travelling in buses or local trains you must also have seen people selling pens, toys, books, combs, etc. inside the bus or train. In cities also, persons move from door to door to sell different products like water purifiers, air purifiers, detergents, mosquito repellents, etc.

Meaning of Personal Selling

  • In Personal selling seller show certain variety of goods to you, try to explain the features of the products, if required demonstrate the functioning of the items, inform you about the price and concession available, persuade you to buy the product and also in some cases promises you to bring certain items of your choice in future. So not only do they inform and explain to you about the product but also persuade you to buy those items and want you to buy from them in future also. The person who sells goods to you in this way is called a ‘salesperson’ and the technique of selling is known as ‘personal selling’ or ‘salesperson ship’. Thus, personal selling refers to the presentation of goods before the potential buyers and persuading them to purchase it. It involves face-to-face interaction and physical verification of the goods to be purchased. The objective is not only just to sell the product to a person but also to make him/her a permanent customer.

  • You can also find personal selling in some shops where salesmen are employed by the shopkeeper to use this technique.

Essential Elements of Personal Selling

Personal selling consists of the following elements.

Image of Essential elements of personal selling

Image of Essential Elements of Personal Selling

Face-to-Face Interaction

Personal selling involves a salesman having face-to-face interaction with the prospective buyers.


Personal selling requires persuasion on the part of the seller to the prospective customers to buy the product. So, a salesperson must have the ability to convince the customers so that an interest may be created in the minds of the customers to use that product.


The approach of personal selling is always flexible. Sometimes salesperson may explain the features and benefits of the product, sometimes give demonstration of the use of product and also answers number of queries from the customers. Looking into the situation and interest of the customers, the approach of the salesperson is decided instantly.

Promotion of Sales

The ultimate objective of personal selling is to promote sales by convincing more and more customers to use the product.

Supply of Information

Personal selling provides various information to the customers regarding availability of the product, special features, uses and utility of the products. So, it is an educative process.

Mutual Benefit

It is a two-way process. Both seller and buyer derive benefit from it. While customers feel satisfied with the goods, the seller enjoys the profits.

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