Business Studies Ch-16 Sales Promotion and Personal Selling: Importance and Qualities of Salesperson Engaged in Personal Selling (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Importance of Personal Selling

Personal Selling is extremely important as it helps in increasing sales. But there are other features as well which make it important. Let us discuss the importance of personal selling from the point of view of manufactures as well as consumers.

From Manufacturer՚s Point of View

  • It creates demand for products both new as well as existing ones.
  • It creates new customers and, thus helps in expanding the market for the product.
  • It leads to product improvement. While selling personally the seller gets acquainted with the choice and demands of customers and makes suggestions accordingly to the manufacturer.

From Customer՚s Point of View

  • Personal selling provides an opportunity to the consumers to know about new products introduced in the market. Thus, it informs and educates the consumers about new products.
  • It is because of personal selling that customers come to know about the use of new products in the market. The sellers demonstrate the product before the prospective buyers and explain the use and utility of the products.
  • Personal selling also guides customers in selecting goods best suited to their requirements and tastes as it involves face-to-face communication.
  • Personal selling gives an opportunity to the customers to put forward their complaints and difficulties in using the product and get the solution immediately.

Qualities of Salesperson Engaged in Personal Selling

It is very difficult to enlist the qualities of people engaged in personal selling. The quality will vary from time to time and from situation to situation. It also depends upon the customers՚ demand and nature of the product. Again, a salesperson may be effective in one situation but may fail in another situation. So, in real life certain qualities may be suitable for a particular line of product and may be irrelevant in any other case.

Qualities of Salesperson Engaged in Personal Sellin …

Physical Qualities

A salesperson should have a good appearance and an impressive personality. He should also have a sound health.

Mental Qualities

A good salesperson should possess certain mental qualities like imagination, initiative, self-confidence, sharp memory, alertness etc. He should be able to understand the needs and preferences of customers.

Integrity of Character

A good salesperson should possess the qualities of honesty and integrity. He is to gain the confidence of the customers. He should be able to understand their needs and guide them how to satisfy those needs. His employer too should have faith in him. A salesperson should be loyal both to the employer and to the customers.

Knowledge of the Product and the Company

A salesperson should have full knowledge of the product and the company he is representing. He should be able to explain each and every aspect of the product i.e.. its qualities, how to use it, what precautions to be taken, etc. He should be able to explain the business and service record of the company. He should also have knowledge of products of rival companies. So that he can put across the superiority of his own products.

Good Behaviour

A salesperson should be co-operative and courteous. Good behaviour enables one to win the confidence of the customers. He should not feel irritated if the buyer puts up many questions even if the questions are irrelevant. It is also not necessary that the person he is trying to convince buys the product. The salesperson has to remain courteous in every case.

Ability to Persuade

A good salesperson should be good in conversation so that he can engage the person he is attending in conversation. He should be able to convince him and create the desire in the mind of prospective customers to possess the commodity.

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