Aids to Trade and Ecommerce: Advertising, Banking and Differences of Traditional and E-Business

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AIDS to Trade


  • Advertising is an effective aid in selling the goods.

  • Advertising can be carried in different ways:

Way of Advertising

Way of Advertising

  • Indoor advertisement: Communicating with people when they are in their homes is called indoor advertising. E.g. Newspapers, radio, etc.

  • Outdoor advertisement: Communicating with people when they go out from their homes, is called outdoor advertising. E.g. Cinema, theatre, wall posters, and hoardings.


  • An organization which accepts deposits and withdrawable of money from the public on demand.

  • Bank provides many services required for business activity.

Meaning and Definition of E-Commerce

  • Electronic commerce known as E-commerce.

  • It refers to shopping at online stores on the World Wide Web, also known as e-commerce web sites.

  • It is the subset of e-business is the purchasing, selling, and exchanging of goods and services over computer networks.

  • Its websites take a front seat, moving out to the millions of people searching for your kind of product or service online.

  • It is worth taking into consideration the benefits, the company would reap on implementation of the new strategy of e-commerce.


“E-commerce or electronic commerce means buying and selling of goods and service on the internet.”

Difference between Traditional Business and E-Business

Difference between Traditional Business and E-Business
Difference between Traditional Business and E-business

Basis of differences

Traditional business





Physical presence


No necessary

Cost of establishment



Operating cost

High because of investment in procurement, Marketing and distribution.

Low because physical.

Facilities not required

Dealing time



Opportunity for inter-personal touch



Length of business cycle

Longer because sequential relationship among various business processes.

Shorter because of completion of various business processes generally at the same time.

Government help


More because of giving priority to IT sector.

Global reach



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