Types and Advantages of Co-Operative Societies: Producers, Consumer՚s, Cooperative, Thrift & Credit and Marketing Cooperative Societies (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Types of Co-Operative Societies

Types of Co-Operative Society

Producers Co-Operative Societies

These societies protect the interest of producers who are basically small in size, by making available items of their needs for production like raw materials, tools and equipment and machinery.

Consumer՚s Co-Operative Societies

These societies are formed on the basis of general consumers by making consumer goods available at a reasonable price. In this type of societies goods purchase directly from the producers, this eliminate the middlemen in the process of distribution. Kendriya Bhandar, Apana Bazar and Super Bazar are examples of consumers՚ co-operative societies.

Cooperative Group Housing Societies

Group housing societies are residential societies which provide residential houses to members. They purchase land and construct houses or flats and allot the same to members.

Thrift and Credit Cooperative Societies

Thrift and Credit Cooperative societies provide financial support to the members. They accept deposits from members and grant them loans at reasonable rates of interest in times of need. Village Service Co-operative Society and Urban Cooperative Banks are examples of co-operative credit society.

Marketing Cooperative Societies

Marketing Cooperative Societies are often use of small producers and manufactures who find it difficult to sell their products individually. Marketing Societies collect the product from individual and take responsibility of selling products. Example of marketing co-operative society is Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation that sells AMUL milk products.

Advantages of Co-Operative Society

Advantages of Co-Operative Society

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