Modes & Means of Transport: Land Transport and Types & Advantages of Road Transport

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Modes & Means of Transport

Transport is possible through land, air or water, which are called the different modes of transport. On land we use trucks, tractors to carry goods; trains, buses, cars to carry passengers. In air, we use airplanes, helicopters to carry passengers as well as goods. In water, we use ships, steamers, boats to carry goods and passengers. All these are known as various means of transport. The modes of transport can broadly be divided into three categories:

  • Land transport

  • Water transport

  • Air transport.

Land Transport

Land transport refers to activities of physical movement of goods and passengers on land. This movement takes place on road, rail, rope or pipe. So, land transport may further be divided into Road transport, Rail transport, Ropeway transport, Pipeline transport. Let us know the details about each of them.

Road Transport

Roads are the means that connect one place to another on the surface of the land. There are different vehicles plying on roads like bullock carts, cycles, motorcycles, cars, truck, buses, etc.

Types of Road Transport

The means of road transport may be divided into three types:

Type of Road Transport

Type of Road Transport

You might have seen individuals carrying goods on their head or back, on bicycles or on thalis, (push carts) moving from one place to other. People ride a bicycle or use rickshaw to travel short distances. We find animal driven vehicles like carts (drawn by bullocks, camels, horses, donkeys, etc.) used in rural areas to carry crops, straw, fodder and sometimes even people. Motor- driven means of transport have become more popular due to their speedy movement and larger carrying-capacity. The types of motor vehicles used to carry goods and passengers include auto-rickshaws, scooters, vans, buses, tempos, trucks, etc.

Advantages of Road Transport

Road transport has the following advantages;

  • It is a relatively cheaper mode of transport as compared to other modes.

  • Perishable goods can be transported at a faster speed by road carriers over a short distance.

  • It is a flexible mode of transport as loading and unloading is possible at any destination. It provides door-to-door service.

  • It helps people to travel and carry goods from one place to another particularly in places which are not connected by other means of transport, e.g. hilly areas.

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