Courier Services and Nature of Postal Services – Meaning & Objectives (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Postal and Courier Services

Letters are very common and convenient means of written communication. It is post to sender by post office or any other private courier service provider. It acts as a middleman between the sender and the receiver. The sender posts the letter at the post office and the post office takes all necessary steps to deliver the letter to the person concerned. The post office also performs various services rendered by the post office.

Meaning of Postal Services

With the use of Post Office, we purchased stamps or posted a letter and service like sent money or parcels, or you may have deposited your savings in the post office. The services of carrying letters and parcels, arranging remittance of money, accepting deposits of money, etc. are the various services offered by the post office, which the public can avail of. All these services are known as postal services.


  • State various services provided by post offices and private courier services providers;
  • Describe the importance of postal services; and
  • Recognise the role of private courier services.

Nature of Postal Services

A Post Office serves a variety of functions, thereby making the nature of postal services divergent. Post office services are administered by Government of India throughout the country and the charges for all these services are minimal, which the common man can afford, while postal services are also provided by some private courier companies such as Blue Dart, Blaze Flash, DHL etc. It is viewed as the most dependable means of written communication. It is a reliable means of sending money through money orders to persons staying at far off places. It is also the most commonly used means for delivery of articles of value. The banking services provided by Post Offices attract a large number of people both from rural and urban areas due to easy accessibility and wide network of post offices.

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