Services Rendered by Post Offices: Types of Postal Services and Mail Services

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Types of Postal Services

Indian postal services are mainly concerned with collection, sorting, and distribution of letters, parcels, packets, etc. Besides, a number of other services are also provided to the general public as well as business enterprises.

Services rendered by post office

Services Rendered by Post Office

Mail Services

We can send letters to friends and relatives. Similarly, we can make correspondence with NIOS regarding your problems. On special occasions, we may send greeting and gifts to your friends. In all these situations, post office helps in sending your message and also in bringing messages for you through a type of service known as mail service. Mail service is one of the main services of post office that deals with collection of letters and parcels from the sender to distribute among the receivers. Indian Postal service deals with both inland and international mails. An inland mail is one where the sender and receiver of the mail reside within the same country. On the other hand, where the sender and receiver of the mail reside in different countries it is called International Mail.

Post Card

Post card is a card on both sides of which we can write our message. It has a specified space to write the address of the receiver. Post card is the cheapest means of written communication. In the post office, two different types of post cards are available. One is ‘ordinary post card’ and the other is ‘competition post card’. While ordinary post cards are used for writing letters, competition post cards are used to send reply to questions asked in various competitions announced through radio, television, newspapers and magazines. Although the size of both the post cards is same, they differ in terms of colour and price. While writing on the post card one important point should remember is that, if you message print in words or picture on any side of the post card then you have to pay additional postage. This type of card is called a printed post card. In post offices reply post cards are also available, which are attached with the post cards to send a message.

Inland Letter

Like post card, written messages can also be sent using inland letter. The blank inland letters are sold by post offices and an inland letter is commonly used for sending messages within our country. Unlike post card, the written portion of the inland letter is folded and sealed. Only names and addresses of the receiver and the sender remain open. This create secrecy of the message. No enclosure is allowed inside the inland letter. A special type of letter just like inland letter is used for sending messages to foreign countries. It is known as “aerogram”.


Messages can be written on the post card or on the inland letter card. But post cards are not suitable for sending confidential messages. In inland letter it is not possible to send any enclosure. Postal Envelopes are available at all post offices. These are widely used for mailing letters and other documents in all government and private offices as well as in business firms. Besides sending letters we can also mail certain lightweight enclosures like photographs, greeting cards through envelopes. In a post office you can find different types of envelope like, ordinary envelope, envelope for registered mail, etc. In these envelopes there is no need to affix any additional postage if the weight of your enclosure is up to a certain limit.

Parcel Post

Suppose you want to send a book to your friend who is staying in the nearby town. Can you send it through post? Yes, it can be sent through the parcel service of Post office. Let us learn about it. The postal facility through which articles can be sent in the form of parcels is known as Parcel Post. It provides reliable and economical parcel delivery service. Under parcel post services, parcels of specified size and weight can be sent across the country as well as outside the country. Postal charges vary according to the weight of the parcel. Separate postage is to be paid for inland and foreign parcel post.

Book Post

Articles in the form of printed materials, printed books, periodicals, greeting cards can also be mailed as book post. Under book post, envelopes containing books or documents should only be closed but not sealed. It should be mentioned on the face of the envelope as “Book Post”. The postage on Book post mails is less than the postage on sealed envelopes.

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