Specialised Mail Services and Mail Transmission: Certificate of Posting, Registered Post, Insured Post, Speed Post

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Specialised Mail Services

For convenience of people post office offers various mail services having some extra advantages like sending mails faster, ensuring certainty of delivery of mails, compensating the sender in case of loss or damage to the mail during transit etc.

Certificate of Posting

When ordinary letters are posted, the post office does not issue any receipt because we generally drop them in the letterbox of the post office or in our locality. However, if a sender wants to have a proof that he/she has actually posted the letters, then a certificate can be obtained from the post office on payment of prescribed charge. This is called ‘certificate of posting’. In order to have such a certificate you just need to write the complete address of the receiver and sender on a plain paper and affix the required postage on it. This paper along with the letters is handed over to the post office. The post office will put its seal on that paper and return it to you. This paper now serves as an evidence of posting the letters.

Registered Post

On receiving the mail, the post office immediately issues a receipt to the sender, which also serves as a proof that the mail has been posted. Sometimes we want to ensure that our mail is definitely delivered to the addressee otherwise it should come back to us. In such situations, the post office offers registered post facility through which we can send our letters and parcels. These mails are handed over to the post office after affixing additional postage as registration charge. The post office will never accept our letters unless complete address on the letters. To distinguish them from ordinary mail, all registered mails are super scribed as “Registered Post” on their face.

Insured Post

While mails are in transit, they can get damaged or lost, resulting in a loss to the sender. In case of ordinary letters, registered letters or parcels, post office cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to the article. However, there is a provision that a sender can ensure the letter or parcel, so that, in case of any loss or damage to the letter or parcel, the post office shall compensate for it. Thus, insured post is a type of mail service through which valuable articles may be sent after insuring these up to a specific amount. The insurance premium is paid to the post office according to the value for which the mail is insured. Here post office acts as the insurer and is liable for the loss or damage to the extent of the value insured for. Only registered mails are allowed to be sent through insured post.

Speed Post

Speed post service was introduced on 1st August 1986. Sometimes because of some urgency or to avoid delay we want that our mail should reach the addressee at the earliest. Post office provides time-bound as well as guaranteed mail delivery through its Speed Post Services. Under this service, letters, documents and parcels are delivered faster i.e., within a fixed time frame. This facility is available at specific post offices. The post office charges relatively more postage for speed post than that of ordinary mail and it varies according to distance. This service is available 24 hours at specific speed post centres. Post office picks up speed post mail from the doorstep of the senders who sent bulk mail on a regular basis.

Mail Transmission

Post office collects letters and parcels either through its counters or by installing letterboxes. People drop letters in these boxes at any time according to their convenience and post office collects these once or twice every day during office hours. You may find these boxes outside every post office and also at some specific places for the convenience of the public. Actually, the main purpose of installing letterboxes with different colours is to segregate mails of different destination at the time of receiving them. This facilitates quick sorting and delivery of letters. Let us see which box collects which type of mail:

Collection of Mail by Different boxes

Collection of Mail by Different Boxes

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