Process after hand over letters to the post office or drop letters in the letterboxes Part 7

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Process after hand over letters to the post office

Process After Hand over Letters to the Post Office

Process after hand over letters to the post office

Postage for Mail Service

The postage generally varies according to the weight of the mail. In case of sending mail outside the country or by speed post, the postage varies on the basis of weight as well as distance. The payment to post office for the service of carrying mails is made through postal stamp. It is required that we should buy postal stamps from the post office and affix them on our mails. But this is not the only way to pay for the service we avail of from the post office. There are various ways of paying postage while sending our mails through post office.

Postal Stamp

While sending envelopes and parcels we buy postal stamps from the post office and affix them on our mail before we drop them in the letterbox or handover at the counter in the post office. But in case of post cards, inland letter cards and postal envelopes, which are available at post offices there is no need to affix stamps separately as the postage is already included in the price of these items.

Franked Postage

In large offices where hundreds of letters have to be sent every day, the post office provides another facility to affix stamps through a machine known as ‘franking machine’. This machine can print postage of different denominations, which are called franked postage. The letters to be stamped are inserted in the machine and by operating different buttons of this machine impression of required amount of postage can be made. A franking machine prints postage in brick red ink. These machines can be hired under a license from the post office. when the total value of the postage is used up. It can be again reset by the post office on further payment for its use.

Payment Without Affixing Any Stamp

In some mails no, postal stamp is affixed. These are certain types of mail where the postage is paid by the sender either well before dispatching the mail or by the receiver after receiving the mail. The Postal Department carries braille literatures free of charge.

Computerised Slip

In Computer generated slips are pasted on the mails. There is no need to affix any postal stamp separately. The amount of postage paid, date and time is mentioned on the slip. This facility is available for registered letters, speed post letters, etc. and not for ordinary letters.

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