Post Offices Facilitate to Business Transactions: Value Payable Post, Business Reply Post, Etc

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Post Offices Facilitate to Business Transactions

Besides carrying mail through various means as discussed earlier, post office offers some special services to the business firms like:

  • Facilitating selling of goods through Value Payable Post;

  • Carrying letters from the customers without any pre-payment of postage through ‘Business Reply Post’;

  • Facilitating advertisement of the products through Media Post;

  • Providing reliable and time-bound parcel service through Express Post;

  • Offering various pre-mailing services to big mailers through Business Post.

  • Allowing transfer of huge amount of money through Corporate Money Order and

  • Making special arrangement to collect mails through Post-bag and Post box facility.

  • Further facilities of Business Transactions are as follow as:

Value Payable Post (VPP)

Post office gives a very good option to the seller to use its Value Payable Post (VPP) service. Under this service post office receives the properly packed goods from the seller and carries those to the customers. After receiving the total amount (that includes the price of the goods and the VPP charges) from the customer it delivers the goods. Then the post office sends the money to the seller.

Business Reply Post

In this regard post office allows the customers to send their reply through business reply post, which does not require any postage from the sender. The post office recovers the postage from the addressee later on. To avail of this facility businessman can obtain a licence from the post office after paying a prescribed fee for it. That licence number should be clearly printed on the card or envelope along with phrases like- “Business reply card/envelope, no postage will be paid by the addressee, no postage stamps necessary if posted in India”. The address of the receiver must be printed on the face of the card or envelope.

Media Post

Under this service, the postal department allows the corporate and government organizations to reach the customers through advertisement on post card, inland letter card, aerogramme and other postal stationeries. Public awareness messages may be printed by government on postal stationery.

Express Post

Post office offers a reliable, speedy and economical parcel service to the corporate and business customers through its express post and provides a time bound door-to-door delivery of parcels up to 35 kgs. in weight.

Business Post

Post office gives another opportunity to the business customers by undertaking their prevailing activities through business post. Pre-mailing activities include collection from sender’s doorstep, insertion of goods in packet, pasting and addressing as well as franking of mails, etc.

Corporate Money Order

The post office offers Corporate Money Order Service to Like individuals, business organizations can also transfer money through money order. It enables business organization to transfer up to Rupees one crore to any part of the country. This facility is available at post offices connected with satellite.

Post-Box and Postbag

Postman delivers different types of mail at the doorstep of the addressee. Post office also provides post box and postbag facilities to the receivers of the unregistered mails. Under this facility a particular number and a box or a bag is allotted at the post office to the receiver on payment of a specific rent. Post office keeps all mails addressed to that number in those boxes or bags. Then the addressee makes necessary arrangement to collect the mails as per his convenience.

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