Importance of Postal Services: Cheaper Means of Communication, Encourage Saving, Etc

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Importance of Postal Services

Postal services are important for the public in general and business in particular. The following points highlight the importance of Postal Services

Importance of Postal Service

Importance of Postal Service

Cheaper Means of Communication

Postal mail services are available at relatively much lower rates than any other means of communication. Newspapers and journals have large circulation and reach the people even in remote villages because of postal services. This is made possible because newspapers and magazines can be sent at concessional rates.

Encourage Savings

People of ordinary means are encouraged to make small savings through the various small savings schemes run by the post offices. Besides, savings through the post offices are allowed tax concession, e.g. savings in National Savings Certificates and Public Provident Fund. There is also provision for prizes to be given to people saving in post offices.

Safe Remittance of Money at Lower Rate

The cheapest and most common means of remitting money is by money order through post offices. If money is to be sent urgently, it can be done by Telegraphic Money Order. Postal order is another mode of transfer of money.

Promotion of Trade

Availability of postal services has facilitated the growth and expansion of both internal as well as external trade. Trade enquiries are made and business deals are finalised through correspondence. Placing order, intimation of sending goods, reminders for payments are mostly communicated by post. Cheques, drafts and valuable documents are also sent by post. The registered mail containing valuable documents can be insured for specified amounts to cover the risk of loss in postal transit. Mail order business totally depends on postal mail and parcel delivery service.

Facilitate Distant Learning

Facilitate distant learning make all correspondence with the learners through post office. Students in far off places can get the advantages of learning their lessons without the necessity of attending regular classes. Open Schools, Open Universities and other institutions offering distant and correspondence education, educate learners by sending instruction materials through post.

Private Courier Services

There are some private operators who provide mail services to the public. They are known as private couriers. They collect letters and parcels and deliver them at the place of the addressee. Private couriers provide quick service in collection and delivery of letters, parcels, packets etc. No postage is required to be affixed on letters and parcels if sent through couriers. The charges payable for private courier service are generally higher in comparison to post office.

The main features of private couriers’ services are as follows:

  • It provides a quick means of communication.

  • It provides facilities for national as well as international communication.

  • All kinds of articles are handled by it except gold and jewellery.

  • Besides using railways, roadways and airways for carriage of articles, some agencies use telephone, telex and fax services for transmission of messages.

  • It undertakes full responsibility of safe and timely delivery of articles.

  • It collects articles from the doorstep of senders and delivers them to the receivers.

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