Design Tips, Working with Slides, Changing Slide Layouts, Inserting and Editing the Existing Slides as Your New Slides (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Design Tips

By following the guidelines below, you can prepare best slides.

  • Use contrasting colors for the text and the background so the text will be easy to read.
  • Use font size large enough to be seen from the back of the room where the presentation will be held. A font size of 24- point or larger is recommended.
  • Use short phrases and sentences to convey your message.
  • Use simple slide transitions. Too many different transitions will distract your audience from the subject of the presentation.
  • Avoid cluttering the slides with too much text or graphics. Your audience should hear what you have to say and not be distracted by a busy screen.
  • Keep text simple and easy to read by not using many different text effects such as bold, italics, underlining, larger font size for emphasis within a sentence, or a different font all on the same slide.

Working with Slides

Slides are the building blocks of your presentation.

Applying a Design Template

To add a design template or change the existing one, select Design tag on the Ribbon. Select the template by clicking on it.

Changing Slide Layouts

To change the layout template of the slide select Home ◊ Layout command on the menu bar. The Slide Layout dialog box appears with nine layouts. Click on one of the layout thumbnail images to apply.

Inserting and Editing the Existing Slides as Your New Slides

  • You can insert slides and then edit them from other files; Cut, Copy and Paste slides; and duplicate slides.
  • Click on Home New Slide and select on Duplicate Selected Slides, Slides From Outline or Reuse Slide.
  • Slides from Outline provide a way to create slides from text file outlines. You can use this feature to create a group of slides that contain a lot of text. You can also create new slides by typing text in the outline pane. To access the Insert Outline dialog box, select Home New Slide Slides from Outline command on the menu bar.
  • Duplicate Selected Slides gives you a duplicate of a slide when you need to create similar slides. To insert a copy of the current slide after the current slide, choose the slide you want to duplicate, and then Right click for the Duplicate Slide command on the menu bar or press CTRL + SHIFT + D keys.
  • You can also cut/copy and paste slides by selecting the whole slide.

Reordering Slides

To reorder a slide in Slide Sorter View, simply click on the slide you wish to move and drag it to the new location. In Normal or Outline View, click on the slide in the slide pane and move and drag the slide to a new location.

Hide Slides

Hide Slides

If you do not want a slide to appear during the slide show, but do not want to delete the slide as it may be used later, the slide can be hidden by right clicking on the slide in the slide pane and selecting Hide. You can unhide a hidden slide in a similar manner.

Moving between Slides

You can move from one slide to another slide by using the following tools:

  • Scroll Bars: Use the Scroll Bars to move from one slide to another slide or through the text that is displayed in the notes pane and the outline pane.
  • Next Slide and Previous Slide Buttons: The Next Slide and Previous Slide buttons move you to the next slide or previous slide in a slide show. These buttons, indicated by a double arrow, are located at the bottom of the vertical scroll bar.
  • Using Outline Pane: Change to Outline view and then click on the slide that you want to view. You can move around in the outline pane by using your mouse, or by using up and down arrow keys.

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