Involvement of Parents and Community: Activities to Be Organized for Active Participation

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Activities to be Organized for Active Participation of Parents and Community

A list of suggestive activities to be organized on the Fixed Monthly ECCE Day at the preschool to involve the parents and community members is given. Preschool teachers may select the activities for each ECCE Day and ensure that selected activities are organized as per the time plan.

Activities for Fixed ECCE Day

  • Display work of all children from the daily activities of the ECCE Programme (Art and craft work, worksheets etc.)

  • Performance by groups of children such as dance, drama, rhyme recitation, etc. (ensure participation of all children attending the preschool).

  • Celebration of Sports Day (ensure participation of all children attending preschool).

  • Demonstration of activities done by children for parents and community and explaining the rationale for conducting the activities.

  • Participation of all young children and parents/community in fun activities such as Bal Mela/Diwali/ Local Festival/Fairs, Exhibits etc.

  • Parent-Teacher interaction which will include sharing assessment and taking overall feedback of the child.

  • Development of play and learning material through parent and community participation.

  • Display of advocacy material on ECCE (Charts/Audio-Visual).

  • Development of play material through participation of local artisans/crafts persons.

  • Talks for the parents on topics listed in the ‘Issues to be discussed with Parents’.

  • Involve community for awards and incentives to children/teachers/caregivers/ helpers.

  • Toy Bank/Activity Bank/Book Bank: Creating an area in the preschool where parents can donate toys, games, books, puppets and other play and learning material.

  • Collection of local cultural stories, rhymes, songs, games, drawings, art forms for activity bank.

  • Setting up ‘Activity Corners or Interest Areas’ at the preschool for example, block building area, manipulative play area , art and craft area, language area, dolls area and science area.

Issues to be Discussed with Parents and Community on Fixed ECCE Day or During Parent Education Conference

A list of topics to be discussed with parents and community is given:

  • Early stimulation

  • Importance of early childhood

  • Child growth and development

  • Learning and playing

  • Healthy nutrition for young children

  • Childhood diseases-prevention and treatment

  • Preparing children for preschool/ primary school

  • Managing difficult behavior

  • Encouraging and providing early literacy experiences

  • Early identification of children with special needs

  • Child abuse

  • Other issues may be identified as per the needs of the community or children.

Steps to Organize a Successful Parent Teacher Meeting/ Parent Conference

Successful Parent Teacher Meeting

Successful Parent Teacher Meeting

  • Identification and arrangement of venue

  • Providing advance information to the parents and community about venue and timings of the conference

  • Preparing a list of activities identified for the conference

  • Holding meeting at parent’s level in a friendly environment

  • Providing baby- sitting services with the help of preschool helpers

  • Making seating arrangements in such a manner so that everyone feels involved and included

  • Allowing time to parents to interact with one another

  • Encouraging active and meaningful discussions

  • Using warm up activities and games to reinforce the advocacy and parent education messages.

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