Economics: Challenges of Indian Economy: Providing Health Care and Controlling Price Rise (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Providing Health Care

Another major challenge before the country is to provide better health care services. Various health care facilities provided by the government to improve the life expectancy of Indian citizens are as follows:

Providing Health Care

National Rural Health Mission (NRHM)

It was launched in 2005 to provide affordable and qualitative health service to rural population. It aims at strengthening health and family welfare programmes, removing diseases by improving public health delivery system.

Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY)

Janani suraksha yojana is launched to save the life of the mother at the time of the delivery.

Pradhan Mantra Swasthya Suraksha Yojana (PMSSY)

Best health care facilities are not uniformly available everywhere. So, to remove this problem the government of India has launched PMSSY under which six new AIIMS like institutions will be constructed in different parts of the country to provide best health care facilities to all the citizens of the country.

National AIDS Control

AIDs have endangered population all over the world. The government of India has created centres to generate awareness to prevent AIDs as well as treat people affected by the virus.

Controlling Price Rise

People pay prices to buy different commodities in the market. when price of different commodities rises it is known as inflation. The government plays important role in controlling inflation in the following ways:

  • By helping farmers in several ways so that food grain output does not suffer.
  • By building store house and cold storage.
  • By keeping strict vigil on hoarding of essential commodities and punishing the guilty since hoarding is a crime.

Achieving Higher Economic Growth

Economic growth refers to increase in our country՚s total income and per capita income. To achieve higher economic growth the government has taken steps which are as follows:

  • India has been encouraging establishment of small scale, large scale and heavy industries from 1956.
  • Encouraging the use of better inputs to improve food grain production.
  • Providing better infrastructure facilities.

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