NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 13 the Last Stone Mason, Summary (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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  • This is a story about a difference of opinion between an old man and his son, and what happens as a result.
  • The old man makes statues. He is a sculptor. He is poor but he loves his work. He believes that making statues of gods and goddesses out of stone is like worshipping God because this is the work God wants him to do.
  • He makes each statue lovingly and patiently. He wants his son to learn the same art and continue the family tradition. But his son thinks that carving statues for temples by hand takes too long and does not help them earn much money.
  • He wants to make things that will be easier and faster to carve, so that he will be able to make them in large numbers for rich tourists to buy.
  • In this way it will be possible to earn much more money and end their poverty. He says goodbye to his sad father and the family profession, and leaves his home angrily.
  • After his son leaves home the old stone mason is sad and upset. Salim, the young boy who works for him finds the old man in a very bad state of health and emotionally stressed after his son leaves home.
  • The old man is tired and weak. He worries about how he will complete the statue without help from his son even though he knows that his son is not a very good sculptor.
  • Salim takes care of the old man and brings him tea and food to give him strength to finish the statue he is carving. The old man works day and night without any rest for several days.
  • Even though he is extremely tired, he continues to work and finally early one morning he faints When the old man opens his eyes, he finds himself on his bed. He hears someone working with a hammer and thinks that his son Gopal has come back home.
  • He thinks that with Gopal՚s help he will now be able to complete the statue he is carving. But he finds that it is not Gopal but Salim who is working on the statue with the hammer. He is surprised because he has never taught Salim how to carve statues.
  • Salim looks at the old man and explains that he wants to help him. He says that he has been practicing carving on his own, and is willing to learn from the old stone mason if he teaches him how to do it, the old man is full of admiration and respect for Salim.
  • The old man recognizes Salim՚s talent and will to work hard and excel. He tells Salim that there is nothing he can teach him. He tells Salim that he will be one of the best stone masons in India.


Report Writing

A report is a systematic, well-organised document which defines and analyses a subject or problem, and may include:

  • The record of a sequence of events/happenings
  • An interpretation of the significance of these events or facts the most common types of reports that we see in our day- to- day life are newspaper reports or those of events held by one՚s organisation.

Reports Must Have the Following Two Features


  • Place, date and name of the reporter
  • Headings and sub-headings


  • Accurate and to the point
  • Narrate events without bias
  • Written in the third person and the past tense

Question: Write a report on the Blood Donation Camp which was organised by your school in collaboration with Health Department in the local vicinity recently.

Write a Report on the Blood Donation Camp
Title {A Report on Blood Donation Camp

22nd February 2021} Date

A Blood Donation Camp was organised by our school in collaboration with Health Department in the vicinity of the village. The information of the camp was circulated among the villagers a few days before the commencement. Great zeal was noticed among the villagers and students. A medical team of 03 doctors and 06 nurses was there to guide and collect the blood. Many Teachers, students and villagers gave their blood voluntarily. Hundreds of bottles were collected and sent to the civil hospital. The camp was a big success. Local newspapers agencies covered the events and it was frontline of many of them.

I also donated my blood for the noble cause. It was a proud moment in my life.

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