NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 17 Caring for Others, Summary (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Mother Teresa

  • A Yugoslavian by birth worked untiringly to serve the poorest of poor in India. In an interview with a journalist, Malcolm, she narrated how her journey of service to humanity started with an encounter with a young woman who she found half eaten by rats and ants lying abandoned.
  • She took her to a hospital which refused to treat her. It is only when she refused to move from there that they eventually relented.
  • Through her interview, we come to know how she managed to get space for destitute, for opening schools, orphanages and to start skill training programmes, mobile dispensaries etc.
  • However, she realised the universal need and craving for love and a feeling of being wanted and that is what her guiding force became.

Janaki Iyer

  • Dedicated herself to the teaching and training of young children from the poorest families who cannot afford to go to regular schools.
  • Her classes are conducted in the afternoons so as to accommodate all domestic workers.
  • She ensures quality by recruiting good teachers and also seeking support from young professionals for teaching different subjects and vocational training.
  • She also inculcates good values in her students which remain etched on their character permanently.


  • Innovative - introducing new ideas, methods
  • Imbibe - develop
  • Sprightly - active and lively
  • Unprecedented - not matched by any previous example
  • Preponderance - superiority in power or influence.


Subordinate Clauses

  • There are three types of subordinate clauses, viz. , Noun clause, Adjective clause and Adverb clause. In a complex sentence, they perform the role of a noun, adjective or adverb as the case may be.
  • Adverb clauses denote time, place, reason and manner.

What is a Report?

  • A report is a presentation of information already collected through an interview, observation, or in some other way.
  • Some important features of a report are:
    • Relevant and accurate facts.
    • Use of narrative style for presentation.
    • Coherence and connectivity of points.

Question: Write a report how you celebrated Environment Day on 5th September in your school recently.

Write a Report How You Celebrated Environment Day
Title {Report on Environment Day

21st February 2021} Date

{On 5th of September our school celebrated the Environment Day

{with great concern. All the students and teachers participated in great

{zeal to spread the awareness to save environment. Many canopies were

{installed to provide the best knowledge on the issue to students and

Main part {guests. Sh Dev Kant, an environmentalist of the area was the chief guest.

{Our Principal gave him a very warm welcome on his arrival in the

{campus. Sh Dev Kant had an eye opening speech on the drastic changes

{taking place around the world and he also explained the need and role

{of human beings in protecting the environment. Many inter-house

{activities like painting competition, slogan writing, easy writing, etc

{were conducted on the theme of ‘Save Environment’ . Winners were

{given prizes. It was a wonderful day.

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