NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 19 a Prayer for Healing, Explanation (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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References: We join with the earth and with each other … and the renewal of all life.

  • We all need air, water and food to live. The earth and its atmosphere give us all these. If we want fresh air and water in the future, we must take care of our land, the air around us and the water sources, by not polluting them and by preventing people who try to do so.
  • Earth is our home and also the home of many plants, trees, animals, birds and insects. When trees are cut down and water bodies are polluted, many creatures lose their homes.
  • Some species from the animal and plant world are already extinct and some are in danger of becoming extinct. We must protect them and take care of them. Forests, the green cover of the earth, must be looked after too.
  • The poet suggests that we should work together to make the human world a better place to live in. We should try to leave the earth in a good condition for the future generations.


(1) Restore: to bring back (something) to its original or former condition

(2) Refresh: to make fresh and pure again

(3) Renew the forests: to make the forests grow back (as if new)

(4) Celebrate: to show that we value and appreciate something

(5) Rejoice: to express happiness

(6) Recreate: to make it better

(7) Community: group of people living in a particular area or place

(8) Promote: to help to develop

(9) Diverse: different

(10) Mystery: something not understood

(11) Healing: making whole and healthy again

(12) Renewal: making new again

Letter Writing

Letter writing is classified into two categories:

  • Formal Letter
  • Informal Letter

Formal Letters

  • The letters that follow a certain formality and set pattern are formal letters. Such letters are precise, directly addressing the concerned issue and are kept strictly professional in nature.
  • Formal letters are short and to the point. A variety of letters that fall within the category of formal letters are – Business letters, Official letters, and Employment letters.
  • A formal letter must adhere to the prescribed format. The letter writing format of a formal letter is as mentioned below:
    • Sender՚s address
    • Date
    • Receiver՚s address
    • Subject
    • Salutation
    • Body of the letter
    • Complimentary closure
    • Signature line: sender՚s name, signature and designation

Informal Letter

  • Informal letters are also known as personal letters. Such letters are usually written to relatives, family, friends, or acquaintances.
  • These letters may or may not have a concrete reason for writing. The aim of writing informal letters is to create a personal memoir.
  • Informal letters need to follow the below-mentioned format.
    • Address
    • Date
    • Salutation
    • Body of the letter
    • Sender՚s name and signature


Infinitive = To + first form of Verb (to go, to work etc.)

Infinitive has two forms

  • The to-infinitive = to + base
  • The zero infinitive = base
Infinitive Has Two Forms
Infinitive + verb 1st formInfinitive + verb 1st form

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