NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 2 How the Squirrel Got His Stripes (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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A tale from The Ramayana


  • The lord Ram asked his army to build a bridge over the sea. Work began at once on a stone bridge. The monkeys pulled out rocks and heavy stones from the mountains, and carried them to the sea.
  • They cut them into shape and began to build the bridge. All this was very difficult work and it took a long time but thousands of monkeys worked night and day.
  • One day Rama saw a small brown squirrel. He was going up and down the seashore with little pebbles in his mouth. A great monkey was carrying a large heavy stone on his back and the squirrel came in his way.
  • The monkey jumped back. “Here, you little thing,” shouted the monkey in a voice like thunder, “you՚re in my way, I stepped back and you՚re alive now. But I nearly fell. And what are you doing here?”
  • The little squirrel looked up at the great monkey and said I՚m helping Rama build the bridge. And I want to work hard for him. “Look, I can՚t carry mountains or rocks. God gave me only a little strength. I can only carry pebbles. My heart cries out for Rama and I՚ll do all I can for him.”
  • The monkeys said, “Don՚t be foolish. Do you think you can help Rama? Do you think we can build a bridge with pebbles? He has a big army to help him. Go home and don՚t get in our way.”
  • The squirrel would not go and carried the pebbles again from the shore to the sea. The monkeys were angry and one of them picked up the squirrel by his tail and threw him far away.
  • The squirrel, crying out the name of Rama, fell into his hands. Then Rama held the squirrel close to him.
  • He said to the monkeys, “Do not make fun of the weak and the small. Your strength or what you do is not important. What matters is your love. This little squirrel has love in his heart.” He then held the squirrel closer to him and said, “Little one, your love touches my heart.”
  • He said these words and passed his fingers gently over the little squirrel՚s back. And when he put him down there were three white stripes on his back. These were the marks of Lord Rama՚s fingers. From then on, the squirrel carries the three white stripes on his back.



Adjectives are words which describe a noun or a pronoun (e. g. , person, place or thing) . Adjectives describe colour, shape, size, number, age, material, etc. A combination of two or more adjectives can also be used to describe a person, place or thing.

e. g. , I saw acute, silky white kitten lapping the milk in my kitchen.

Order of Adjective

To describe any person, place or thing, adjectives are used to tell their size, colour, age, origin, etc. When two or more than two adjectives are used before a noun, they are usually used in the following order:

Order of Adjective

You lost a briefcase containing important documents while travelling by bus. Complete the following notice to be inserted in a newspaper. Include all the details describing the briefcase and its contents. Give your contact number and address.


You Lost a Briefcase Containing Important Documents While Travelling by Bus

Date: 05th March 2021

Lost! Lost! Lost!

I lost my briefcase while travelling from Saket to the Interstate Bus Terminal by Bus No. 249 on 4th of March. The briefcase is of black colour. It contains important documents.

The finder is requested to contact the undersigned:

Rajesh Kumar

House No 211 ⁄ 5, Shastri Nagar

New Delhi

Contact No. 123123123

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