NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 21 the Village Pharmacy, a Brief Summary of the Chapter (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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A Brief Summary of the Chapter

  • In the year 2004, a terrible fire broke out in a school in Kumbakonam, killing 94 children.
  • This accident raised some concerns about the safety norms followed in all schools and their preparedness for such disasters.
  • ‘The Village Pharmacy’ is a story about a school which had a special way of paying homage to the children who had lost their lives in the terrible fire.
  • The school distributed neem saplings to all the children with a double purpose. Firstly, planting trees would be healthy for the environment.
  • Secondly a neem tree has immense medicinal qualities. Each part of the neem tree — the bark, branches, leaves and seeds — have medicinal properties. Because of this reason, it is also lovingly called ‘The Village Pharmacy’ .
  • Besides having medicinal qualities, it also a good source of fertilizer, pesticide and timber. An evergreen tree, it can survive for 200 to 300 years.
  • It provides cool shelter. The temperature under the tree is cooler by 10 degrees. In short, Neem is a unique tree (a panacea) providing numerous benefits to all.
  • Growing trees is a wonderful way to remember those who are no more. We must learn to value traditional knowledge. It is better to grow trees which are of long-lasting value rather than ornamental/decorative trees.
  • Neem tree is a gift of nature to mankind – it is perhaps the only tree which has total benefits. We must grow more trees that are useful.


1. Paediatrician: a child specialist

2. Tragic: sad

3. Homage: honour, respect

4. Departed: gone away, or dead

5. Mercilessly: cruelly, without showing any kindness

6. Sapling: a baby plant

7. Gesture: (here) an action that expresses something

8. Medicinal: something which can cure like a medicine

9. Ailments: sicknesses, diseases, health problems

10. Blemish: stain or scar

11. Motivated: created interest


Active and Passive

Present Indefinite Sentence

  • Subject (Singular) + is + 3rd form of verb + by + Object.
  • Subject (Plural) + are + 3rd form of verb + by + Object.
Present Indefinite Sentence
He likes mangoMango is liked by him.
They play hockeyHockey is played by them.

Present Continuous

  • Subject (Singular) + is + being + 3rd form of verb + by + Object.
  • Subject (Plural) + are + being + 3rd form of verb + by + Object
Present Continuous
He is singing a songA song is being sung by him.
We are watching movieMovie is being watched by us.

Present Perfect

  • Subject (Singular) + has + been + 3rd form of verb + by + Object.
  • Subject (Plural) + have + been + 3rd form of verb + by + Object
Present Perfect
Mother has prepared the food.The food has been prepared by mother.
Workers have done their duty.Their duty has been done by workers.

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