NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 5 & 6 a Tiger Comes to Town, Summary (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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  • The tiger in the story has been trained by his master to perform tricks before a large audience at a circus.
  • The tiger comes to believe that human beings are brave and are not scared of animals.
  • One day the tiger hops from his cage and walks out into the town, people running around trying to find a hiding place at the sight of a tiger.
  • The tiger is confused to see their reactions because he is used to seeing thousands of people watch his shows every evening from a close distance.
  • He cannot understand why they are so afraid to see him in the town, especially because he does not want to hurt them or attack them.
  • The tiger wants to tell them that they do not need to be afraid of him because he is not hungry, and that tigers only attack when they are hungry, that they are not like human beings who kill without a good reason.
  • The tiger also wants to tell the people in the restaurant that they are not brave as he had thought them to be, and that he only wants to watch them, not harm them.
  • The tiger notices that the schools in the town are being closed early and that the school children are shouting with a mixture of delight, excitement and fear. He enters the school gate and goes into the Headmaster՚s room.
  • The Headmaster climbs up into the attic in fear, and the tiger goes to sleep under the Headmaster՚s desk.
  • He wakes up to find that he has been locked up in the Headmaster՚s room. The tiger then hears his circus master angrily telling a teacher not to use rude and ugly words such as ‘brute’ to describe him.
  • The teachers call the Magistrate to stop the circus master from going into the Headmaster՚s room.
  • The Magistrate forbids the circus master from entering the room. When the circus master argues with him and insists on going in, the Magistrate tells him to sign a document that says that no one should be held responsible for the circus master՚s death in case the tiger attacks him.


Now I found them running like a herd of deer although I had no intention of attacking them. The expression ‘like a herd of deer’ compares the timid quality of a deer that runs at the sight of danger with the same quality of people on the streets and in the shops who tried to run away or hide at the sight of a tiger. Such expressions which are used for comparing two different things are called ‘similes.’

Read the similes given below.

  • As black as coal
  • As beautiful as a rose
  • Swift like an eagle
  • Strong like a lion

The words ‘as’ and ‘like’ are used for comparison.

Complete the following similes by using words from the box given below. You may use your own comparisons too.

Complete the Following Similes by Using Words from the Box Given Below
lead, star, night, owl, stream, ice

1. As clear as a …

2. As heavy as …

3. As dark as the …

4. As bright as a …

5. As cold as …

6. As wise as an …


1. As clear as a stream

2. As heavy as lead

3. As dark as the night

4. As bright as a star

5. As cold as ice

6. As wise as an owl

Complete the following sentences by using words from the box given below. You may also refer to a dictionary to see the meanings of the words before using them.

Complete the Following Sentences by Using Words from the Box Given Below
abandoned spilled nervous cowered handcuffed seized

(a) The dog ________ at the sound of crackers on Diwali day.

(b) The police ________ the dangerous criminal before taking him to the court for his trial.

(c) People living on the banks of the river ________ their homes and fled to safer places when they realised that the water level in the river was soon going to cross the danger mark.

(d) Excitement seemed to have ________ the soldiers posted on the border when they heard that their favourite film stars were going to visit them.

(e) If we have studied well there is no reasons to feel ________ during examinations.

(f) The bowl of soup fell from his hands and all the soup ________ onto the floor.

Answer a. cowered b. handcuffed c. abandoned d. seized e. nervous f. spilled

Read the words and phrases given in Column A and Column B. Match the words in Column A with their opposite meanings given in Column B by drawing a line across. One word in Column B is extra.

Read the Words and Phrases Given in Column a and Column B
Column AColumn B
1. In front ofStrong
2. FearfulCowered
3. ProtectAttack
4. WeakBehind
5. ExtraordinaryFearless
6. BraveOrdinary


1. behind

2. fearless

3. attack

4. strong

5. Ordinary

6. cowered


These are letters added before a word to change the meaning of the word, e. g.

  • Un + able = unable
  • Semi + circle = half circle


Very often words are contracted for convenience of use. Contracted forms are used mainly in informal writing, direct speech, dialogue writing and very often while talking.

NOTE: Contractions should NOT be used in formal writing e. g. in articles, essays, paragraphs and formal letters.

Figures of Speech (Simile & Metaphor)

  • Simile- In simile two unlike things is explicitly compared.
    • For example, “She is like a fairy” . A simile is introduced by words such as like, so, as etc.
  • Metaphor- It is an informal or implied simile in which words like, as, so are omitted.
    • For example, “He is like a lion (Simile) ” and “He is a lion (metaphor) ” . In the following examples, metaphors are underlined.

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