Math's: Percent: Meaning, Conversion into Fraction, Decimals and Vice Versa

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Percent- Meaning

Percentage is a number or ratio expressed as a fraction of 100. As evident from the name itself, ‘per’ means ‘out of’ and ‘cent’ means ‘100’. So, any number (quantity) out of 100 will be expressed as percent which is denoted by the symbol ‘%’.

Example- (i) “Ram scored 95% marks in class X examination”.

(ii) “Vishaka gained by 20% on sale of her laptop.

Conversion of a Fraction into a Percent and Vice Versa

To convert a fraction into percent, we simply multiply the fraction by 100 and put the % symbol.

Conversion of a Fraction

Conversion of a Fraction

Ex- Convert into percent.


To convert a percent into fraction, we remove the % symbol divide the percent by 100.

Ex- Convert into fraction.


Conversion of a Decimal into a Percent and Vice Versa

To convert a decimal into a percent, we move the decimal point to two places to the right and put the % symbol.

Ex- Convert into percent


To convert a percent into a decimal, we remove the % symbol and insert or move the decimal point two places to the left.

Ex- Convert into a decimal


1. In a class of 75 students, 3 students failed in the examinations. Find the percent of failed students.

Solution: Fraction of failed students

Percentage of failed students

2. Aliza scored 350 marks out of 400 marks and his elder brother Shahzeb scored 400 marks out of 500 marks. Whose score is better?

Solution: Aliza’s Score in Fraction

Aliza’s Score in Percent

Shahzeb’s Score in Fraction

Shahzeb’s Score in Percent

Aliza’s Percentage Score Shahzeb’s Percentage Score. Clearly, Aliza scored better.

Calculation of a Percent of a Number or Quantity

To determine a specified percent of a number or quantity, we first change the percent to a fraction or a decimal and then multiply it with the number or the quantity.

For Ex-

3. Abhishek saves 20% of his income every month. If his monthly income is . Find his monthly savings in rupees.

Solution: Savings in percent

Savings in rupees

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