Renaissance: Pieta: Michael Angelo and the Night Watch: Rembrandt

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Introduction of Pieta

Introduction of Pieta

Title – Pieta

Artist – Michael Angelo

Medium – Marble sculpture

Period – 1498-1499

Style – Renaissance

Collection – St. Peter’s, Rome

  • In 1498-1499 the sculpture Pieta was made by Michael Angelo. From the single slab of marble this is created. This well-known work shows ‘Virgin Mary’ grasping the dead assemblage of Christ. The understanding of his works adjusted the Renaissance beliefs of old-style excellence and craftsmen own imaginative articulations.

  • The structure of this model is pyramidal fit as a fiddle. Here he delineates Madonna a lot more youthful than her child, the Christ to communicate her immaculateness. The figure has interesting drapery developments and solid life structures subtleties.

  • The famous art made by Michael Angelo’.

  • Sculpture of ‘David’, ‘Moses’, and ‘Frescoes’ on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel in Rome.

The Night Watch

The Night Watch

The Night Watch

Title – The Night Watch

Artist – Rembrandt

Medium – Oil on Canvas

Period – 1642

Style – Renaissance (Baroque)

Collection – Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

  • A Dutch painter called Rembrandt was a realist. The mysteries in the play of light and shade can be seen in his paintings. This will in general feature the ‘spirit’ of the artistic creation.

  • For quite a while the work of art was kept covered with a dim varnish which gave the erroneous impression that the canvas portrayed a night scene yet when the varnish was evacuated in 1940 it was found to speak to wide sunlight.

  • This imaginative creation traces the energetic leader giving solicitation to his lieutenant to walk his Organization normal people. The lieutenant and a little young lady are demonstrated wearing yellow dress which likewise represents the shade of triumph. There is additionally a white dead chicken swinging from the young lady’s belt appeared to speak to crushed adversary.

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