Contemporary Indian Art: Words and Symbols, Landscape in Red (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Words and Symbols

Words and Symbols

Title – Words and Symbols.

Artist – K. C. S. Panikkar (1911 - 1977)

Medium – Oil on board

Size – 43cms x 124cms

Date – 1965.

  • K. C. S. Panikkar could be named as the most powerful and pioneer in the advancement of contemporary workmanship development in the Southern piece of India. He was an understudy of D. P. Roy Choudhary of Bengal School in the Madras School of craftsmanship.
  • He needed to do numerous unspecialized temp jobs as a message administrator and protection operator before he could set up himself as a craftsman. His style experienced numerous phases from reasonable to geometric. He was additionally an incredible instructor who motivated numerous painters from south and set up the main craftsman town of India close to Chennai named “Cholamandalam” .
  • The enrolled painting is a celebrated one from his arrangement “Words” and “Images” . It is an altogether different kind of test work where space is secured with calligraphy. Panikkar utilized scientific images, Arabic figures, Roman Scripts and Malayalam Scripts to make a plan which resembles a horoscope.
  • Tantric representative graphs are likewise utilized. Hues assume an ostensible job in this canvas.

Landscape in Red

Landscape in Red

Title – Landscape in Red

Artist – Francis Newton Souza (1924 - 2002)

Period – 1961

Size – 78.7 CMS X 132.1 CMS

Medium – oil

Collection – Jehangir Nicholson Museum

  • F. N. Souza was conceived in Goa and experienced childhood in Mumbai. He was ousted from his school and joined J. J. School of craftsmanship. He was again removed from J. J. School of Art in 1945.
  • He was one of the youthful painters to frame the “Dynamic Artists Group” in 1947. Later he left India and settled in London. In this way he got one of the five top specialists to speak to them globally. His lower working-class foundation and money related issues made him challenge society.
  • He challenged a wide range of strict and social notions through his paintings. Like the vast majority of his peers. Souza was additionally roused by post-impressionist and German expressionist painters. Particularly he was extraordinarily affected by Picasso and Matisse. He found his own style by joining Indian sanctuary design structures with western craftsmanship. He was a painter with persevering experimentation in all types of workmanship. Souza had a unique love for scene painting alongside strict and social subjects.
  • The “Scene in Red” is a genuine model from his scenes. It is a test cityscape. The craftsman attempted to catch sight of a city which is only a solid wilderness. His cityscapes for the most part mirror the secretive character of urban areas.

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