Psychology: Preparation for the Vocational Role: Meaning of Vocational Role

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Meaning of Vocational Role

The term “Vocation” refers to the world of work and occupational opportunities.

Need for Preparation for Right Vocation

Special Training

The special training required in an occupation is useful for the students, who are preparing to enter into those occupations. Information about some of these institution is listed below:

Special training

Special Training

  • Professional Institute

  • Poly-technique

  • Commercial Institute

  • Craft training school

  • Special institute

  • Correspondence institutions

Concepts of Career, Vocation and Occupation

Career refers to “the course of events that constitute a life. It involves the sequence of occupations and other life roles which combine to express one’s commitment to work in his or her total pattern of self development. An occupation refers to a group of similar jobs in several establishments. It differs from job which stands of a group of similar position in one plant, business, institution or other workplace. A vocation is an occupation, either professional or voluntary, that is carried out more for its altruistic benefit, than for income, which might be regarded as a secondary aspect of the vocation, however beneficial.

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