Science: Motion and Its Description: Graphical Representation of Motion (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Graphical Representation of Motion

Distance -Time Graph for Uniform Speed

Distance - Time graph for uniform speed, is a straight line as shown below:

Uniform Speed

Distance -Time Graph for Non-Uniform Speed

Distance -Time graph for uniform speed, is obtained in the form of a curve as shown below:

Non-Uniform Speed

Distance -Time Graph for a Body at Rest

Distance -Time graph for a body at rest is a straight line parallel to the time axis (x-axis) :

Stationary Body

Velocity-Time Graph

Velocity-Time Graph for Uniform Acceleration

Velocity-Time graph for uniform acceleration, is a straight line as shown below:

Uniform Acceleration

Velocity-Time Graph for Non-Uniform Acceleration

Velocity-Time graph for non-uniform acceleration, is obtained as a zig-zag line as shown below:

Non-Uniform Acceleration

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