NIOS Class 10 Social Studies Chapter 26 Environmental Degradation and Disaster Management Part 3 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Importance of Environment

  • Environment is considered as a life support system and also the environment is key to our welfare and survival.
  • Environment supplies the fundamental necessities for life and supports an enormous number of living things.
Importance of Environment
  • The environment keeps up air structure and ensures a wide range of life on earth from harmful effects of sun powered radiation.
  • In any case, all these benefits we find that the nature of environment is deteriorating and it is being degraded constantly.

Environmental Degradation

Environmental Degradation
  • It is the cycle by which our environment i.e.. , air, water, and land, is dynamically contaminated, over-exploited, and destroyed.
  • Environmental degradation is said to occur when the environment becomes less valuable or damaged.
  • We are utilizing resources without caring for the future like;
    • Water
    • Soil
    • Trees
    • Coal
    • Petrol
  • We are carelessly interfering with the eco-system and purposely killing wild creatures.

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