NIOS Class 10 Social Studies Chapter 26 Environmental Degradation and Disaster Management Part 5 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2023)

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Causes of Environmental Degradation

Economic Factors

Agricultural Development

Agricultural Development
  • Agricultural development is very important for the country՚s development.
  • The different forms of farming activities especially directed towards increasing agricultural production has a great impact on the environment.
  • These activities have been contributing to;
    • Soil erosion
    • Land salinization
    • Alkalization
    • Loss of nutrients
  • In India, the green revolution has led to over exploitation of land and water resources.
  • A major source of contamination of water bodies and land degradation are because of extensive use of fertilizers and pesticides.


  • Environmental degradation occurs due to Rapid growth industrialization.
  • According to information collected from various resources most of the
  • industries adopt the technologies that place a heavy load on the environment.
  • These lead to intensive use of resources and energy.
  • The current pace of industrialization is resulting in the depletion of;
    • Natural resources like fossil fuel
    • Minerals and timber
    • Contamination of water, air and land.
  • All of these causes immense damage to our eco-systems.

Economic Development

Economic Development
  • The pattern of economic development creates environmental problems.
  • Resources have been put into immense pressure due to the pace of economic development.
  • The economy today has become utilization serious which requests more utilization of resources and advances ways of life that lead to wastage.
  • The irrational utilization of resources and wastages are bringing about the consumption of the environment.