NIOS Class 10 Social Studies Chapter 3 Modern World – I, Introduction Part 2 (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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  • The Medieval Catholic Church is associated with superstitions, corruption and greed for money.
  • The Church convinced Superstitious peasants that it possessed the true Cross.
Martin Luther
Martin Luther
  • Henry VIII՚s Chief Minister, Thomas Cromwell helped the Parliament to pass the Act in Restraint of Appeals and the Act of Supremacy and it gave a royal headship to the King over the church.
  • The king was allowed to marry Anne Boleyn, a commoner. For religious revival Reformation proved to be a great upheaval.
Counter Reformation
Martin Luther

Development of Science

  • At the time of Renaissance, in the field of science many extraordinary accomplishments were made.
  • Drawings of anatomy and nature were observed by the artists like Leonardo da Vinci which were a unique blend of science and art.
  • During this period, medicine and human anatomy saw remarkable achievements.
  • The circulation of blood was discovered by the Spanish doctor called Michael
  • Servetus.
  • The function of the heart in purifying blood and its circulation through veins was explained by William Harvey.
Copernicus in His Book Called

This theory was further developed by Kepler.

Kepler and Galileo

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