Business Support Services: Importance and Modes of Transportation, Types of Communication and Communication Services

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Process of carrying goods and passengers from one place to another is termed as ‘transportation’. Mode used there for are roadways, railways, airways and/or water ways.

Importance of Transportation

  • Distribution of goods both within a country and across the borders.

  • Helps in bringing about stable and uniform prices in different markets as traders.

  • Consumers have the benefit of getting goods at their doorstep.

  • Ensures continuous supply of raw materials to the industry.

  • Contributes to growth of large-scale industries.

  • International competition is encouraged with the improved transport system.

Modes of Transportation

Modes of Transportation

Modes of Transportation


Process of transmission of ideas, opinions, thoughts and information through speech, writing, gestures or symbols between two or more persons. Minimum of two parties involved in communication - one is ‘Sender’, and the other is ‘Receiver’.

Types of Communication

  • Oral Communication: In form of lectures, meetings, group discussions, conferences, telephonic conversations, radio message.

  • Written Communication: Written words in writing in the form of letters, telegram, memos, circulars, notices, reports etc.

  • Non-verbal Communication: Communication without use any of words like some pictures, graphs, symbols, diagrams, bells, whistles, buzzers, horns etc.

Communication Services

Mail Services:

  • Postal mail service deals with both inland and international mails.

  • General mail services, some specialized mail services are also provided by the post office for convenience of the public.

Some services like:

  • Certificate of Posting

  • Registered Post

  • Insured Post

  • Speed Post

  • Post Restante

Financial Services

Various financial services are provided by the post office through Saving Schemes, Remittance Services, and Distribution of Mutual Funds and Securities.

Saving Schemes

There are eight different schemes:

  • Post Office Savings Bank Account

  • 5-Year Post Office Recurring Deposit Scheme

  • Post Office Time Deposit Account

  • Post Office Monthly Income Scheme

  • 6-Year National Savings Certificates (VIII Issue) Scheme

  • 15-Year Public Provident Fund Account (PPF Account)

  • Kissan Vikas Patra Scheme

  • Senior Citizens Saving Scheme 2004

Remittance Service

For the convenience of businessmen: Corporate Money Order service.

For the convenience of customer post office offers different types of money order services like:

  • Ordinary Money Order

  • Telegraphic Money Order

  • Satellite Money Order

  • Speed-post Money Order,

  • Instant Money Order (INO),

  • International Money Transfer Services, etc.

Distribution of Mutual Funds and Securities

Mutual funds of State Bank of India, prudential ICICI, RBI/Govt. Relief Bonds and ICICI Safety Bonds are available from 42 post offices at Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Delhi and Mumbai.

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