Business Support Services: Communication Services and Importance of Communication (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Communication Services

Insurance Services

These are

Postal Life Insurance (PLI)

  • Suraksha (whole life insurance)
  • Suvidha (Convertible whole life assurance)
  • Santosh (endowment assurances)
  • Sumangal (Anticipated endowment assurance)
  • Yugal Suraksha (joint life endowment assurance for couples)

Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI)

Business Development Services

Some services such as:

Business Development Services


Various telecommunication services now available in India are as follows.

Fixed Line Phone

  • Used for internal and external business communications.
  • Facilitates both oral conversation as well as sending written text messages

Cellular Services

  • Possesses many modern features like Short Messaging Services (SMS) , Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) etc.
  • Service providers like BSNL, Airtel, Idea, Hutch, Reliance and Tata in India.


  • Form of written communication by which messages can be sent quickly to distant places.
  • Used when there is an urgency of communicating an important message.


Provides a means of printed communication using teleprinter.


Using telephone lines, this machine sends the exact copy of the document to another fax machine at the receiving end.

Voice Mail

Computer based system for receiving and responding to incoming telephone calls.


Transmits the written message, pictures or sounds etc. from one computer to others connected through internet facility.

Unified Message Service

Fax, voice mails and e-mails can be received from one mailbox using telephone instrument, fax machine, mobile phones, internet browsers, etc.


  • People can hear the voice and see the picture of others.
  • Also respond to their queries while sitting in different countries.

Importance of Communication

Importance of Communication

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