Advertising and Salesmanship: Media of Advertising, Newspapers, Television and Radio (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Media of Advertising

Advertising media are the means through which messages regarding products and services are transmitted from the advertising firm to people at whom that product is targeted. Many types of media are available for the purpose. These are enumerated below.

Media of Advertising


  • Newspaper is a good means of advertising since a big proportion of our country՚s population read newspapers published in Hindi, English and the various regional languages.
  • Newspaper is the most suitable media for advertising consumer products used by masses. Such products include durables like TV, Refrigerator, Cycle, Scooter, Washing Machine etc. and non-durables like soaps, shampoos, oils, etc. It is also suitable for advertising many services like banking, insurance, transportation, etc. However, it is not suitable for advertising products which have limited number of buyers like industrial products or products used by specific professionals like engineers, doctors etc. Similarly, there are very few buyers for products like art & crafts, expensive designer jewellery, furniture etc. For such products, advertising in the newspaper is not considered appropriate.


  • Television is an important source of entertainment. It shows varieties of programme in different channels and in different languages for 24 hours in most cases. Hence advertising of different products can be done on different channels during the day as well as night. It has the ability to attract the attention of different segments of consumers according to their viewership. For example, products used by children such as chocolates, school bags, chewing gums, toys, play school etc. can be advertised during programmes like cartoon network, storytelling etc. Similarly, household products and cosmetics can be more effectively advertised during programmes watched by women in the family. It is a medium of advertising with a lot of flexibility and reach as visuals are more effective than audio and print media. It has the added advantage of reaching out to the illiterate consumers.
  • Just like newspapers, this medium can be used for products of mass-use, like consumer durables, non-durables etc. But it cannot be used effectively and efficiently for specialised products meant for professionals or for industrial products. For introduction of new products, repeated advertising in television programmes is of immense help. However, the major limitation of this medium is the heavy cost. Hence, only large enterprises are in a position to use this media.


Radio is the most common source of entertainment for rural masses and the people in the semi-urban areas. However, the addition of FM radio has brought back the lost importance of radio in urban areas. The radio programmes to have a lot of advertising before and during the programme. Krishi Sandesh programme (for farmers) for example has advertisements on pesticides, fertilizer, tractors etc. Advertising on radio is popular in India because a number of villages do not have electricity and television transmission facility. Hence radio still remains a popular medium of advertising for rural people. Like television, radio is also a source of entertainment, news and views. But, arrival of large number of channels on television has reduced the popularity of radio and consequently its use for advertising.

Magazines and Journals

Magazines and Journals are the print media of advertising. These are published periodically i.e.. , weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually. Their circulation is limited, and most magazines are generally targeted at specific segment of readers. Hence, advertisers use this media selectively according to the target customers to be reached. For example, the health care products can be advertised in magazines like Health and Nutrition, sports goods in magazine like Sports Star, medicines and medical equipment in different medical journals and so on.


Films are an important source of entertainment in India and as such an important medium of advertisement. Advertisements are generally shown before the start of the show or during interval. It can be used for advertising products of mass consumption like cosmetics, toiletries, medicines, etc. People from all strata of society visit cinema halls. But with limited reach, this is a comparatively costly medium.

Outdoor Advertising

While travelling by bus or train, you must have noticed a number of advertisements on the walls, billboards, outside and inside the buses and trains. Even while walking on the road you must have seen advertisement of different products, shops, schools, coaching institutes, written on the back of a scooters, rickshaws, and buses etc. These are examples of outdoor advertising which are usually in the form of hoardings, displays on walls of buildings, public places like railway station etc. , and are generally used for advertising products like shoes, lotions, creams, fans, cycles etc. They are also done through electronic displays. Lights and neon signs are used during night at different places with advertisement messages illuminating at regular interval. Another media of advertisement in outdoor advertising is vehicular displays. The space outside buses, company trucks (used to carry own company՚s products) can be used to attract and inform the customers about the product, availability, price etc.

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