Advertising and Salesmanship: Importance of Salesmanship, Benefits to Consumers, Business and Society (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Once your friend had gone to a readymade garment shop to buy a pant for his younger brother. The salesperson showed him the latest collection of garments. By the time the process of sale concluded, he had also purchased one for him. The reason for such unplanned purchase was the effect of salesmanship. The salesperson at the counter first assessed his interest in the new fabric available and then persuaded him to buy it. This whole exercise of assessing our need, activating it and ultimately satisfying it by selling the product to us is termed as salesmanship or personal selling. It is a process of assisting and persuading the prospective customers to buy a product in a face-to-face situation. In other words, salesmanship simply means selling through personal communication. For successful selling the salesperson usually goes through a selling process which involves the following seven steps.

Selling Process through Salesperson
  • Prospecting refers to identifying the prospective buyers in his area of operation. Having done this, he has to obtain the necessary information
  • about the customer, his capacity to pay, choice and preferences etc. After this, in pre-approach activity he approaches the
  • customer to gain his attention, greet him and make his presentation i.e.. , inform the customer about the product, its qualities, price etc. and demonstrate its use, if required. Then he handles the customers queries, persuades him to make his final decision and ends the process of sale with receiving his order and thanking him. Finally, he ensures the delivery of goods and provides the necessary after sales service.

Importance of Salesmanship

The flow of goods from the producers to the consumers may not be possible without the involvement of salespersons. The salespersons play an important role in the process of sale. Starting from the conversation with the consumer to affecting a sale they actually act as an important link between the manufacturer and the consumer. They ensure the sale of products and so also provide satisfaction to customers. Thus, it is not only the business houses which benefit from salesmanship but also the consumers and the society. The benefits of salesmanship are discussed below:

Benefits to Consumers

A salesperson acts as a friend and guide to the consumers. By making conversation with salesperson, the customer gets help in identifying the product of his need and the price range that suits him. The salesperson explains to the customers the uses and the operational aspects of a product. By giving the requisite information about the company and the product, the salesperson provides confidence to the customers to try something new which might be better and/or cheaper. The salesperson also provides the necessary after sales service to the customers.

Benefits to the Business

Salesmanship helps a business in increasing its sales. Identification of new customers and persuading them to buy can be done effectively through personal selling. Since the salesperson comes in direct contact with the customers, understands the needs and preferences of the customers and thus, can help the businessman in planning for the right type of products and effecting the necessary improvements therein. In case of products of technical nature, the role of salesmanship is very important as the salesperson can personally explain the functioning of the product, its use and precaution to be taken in its use. This ensures proper handling of the product, and boosts customer՚s confidence in his choice of the products.

Benefits to the Society

Salesmanship facilitates the process of production, distribution and consumption. Salespersons help in collecting market information, credit information, delivering goods and collecting payments. It helps in matching demand with supply because they know what the consumers want. They also inform the consumers about the introduction of new products, if any. By increasing sales, they help in the growth of business.

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