Advertising and Salesmanship: Qualities of a Good Salesperson, Good Personality, Mental Qualities and Good Behaviour

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Qualities of a Good Salesperson

The salesperson at the counter welcomes you with a smile, shows keen interest in your purchase and explains about the different varieties of the product in such a way that it become easier for you to take a decision. So, besides the availability of the product, its price etc., it is the good salesmanship that makes a difference and builds your preference for a shop. Let us now understand the basic qualities which a salesperson must possess to be able to attract and retain a customer like you. Salesmanship is a tough and challenging job which requires a mixture of physical and mental qualities. Some of the common qualities which a salesperson must possess are as follows.

Qualities of a good Salesperson

Qualities of a Good Salesperson

Good Personality

Personality is a mixture of many traits like physical appearance, dressing-up, way of talking, manners, pitch of voice, habits etc. Personality of a salesperson should be such that the moment he/she comes in contact with the customer, he/she looks amiable with whom the customer is at least ready to start a conversation.

Mental Qualities

A salesperson must have the quality of alertness, imagination, foresightedness, empathy etc. He should have the ability to read the customer’s mind and behave accordingly. There may be certain doubts or apprehensions in the mind of the customer regarding the product. Only a salesperson with these mental qualities will be able to solve the customer’s problems. A good salesperson should be able to match the product with the customers need and ability to pay.

Good Behaviour

A salesperson should be a well-behaved person having ability to interact with people comfortably. He/she should be cooperative so that he/she can help people in making up their minds by patiently answering all their questions. Patience and humility will help him/her in not only holding the attention of the customer but also in getting them interested in purchasing the product.


While buying a television set normally we ask the salesperson a number of questions about the features of the latest model. If the salesperson fails to answer our queries or if we do not satisfy with the reply, we may leave that shop and visit another shop where all of our queries are answered by the salespersons. This is possible only when the salesperson has detailed knowledge about the product. He/ she should know every detail relating to the product and the company he/she is representing. Knowledge about competitors’ product is also a must so that the salesperson can explain the superiority of his/her product.

Ability to Communicate and Persuade

If a salesperson can communicate properly and effectively then he/she will be able to clear the biggest hurdle of making the prospective customer listen to him/her. The salesperson must speak confidently, clearly and audibly. Good communication ability coupled with good knowledge about the product helps the salesperson in persuading the customer to buy.


The salesperson must know the art of persistence. It requires a sense of determination to convince the customers to buy. He/she must not give up easily. Without being offensive, he/she must persuade the customer to finalise the purchase with a sense of satisfaction.

Sales Promotion

  • In the market, sometimes we see the special offer like ‘Buy one get one free offer’; on a particular brand of tea there was 50 gm. extra in a 250-gm pack or one glass or bowl free with 500 gm. pack. There are innumerable examples where the manufacturer or the seller tries to tempt you to buy his product by offering discounts, extra quantity or a chance to win grand prizes, etc. All such activities are known as sales promotion.

  • All promotional activities other than advertising, salesmanship and publicity which help in increasing the market demand of the product are called sales promotion. It is a nonrepetitive and one-time communication process. According to American Marketing Association “Sales Promotion includes those marketing activities, other than personal selling, advertising and publicity that stimulate consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness such as displays, shows and exhibitions, documentation and various nonrecurrent selling efforts not in the ordinary routine”.

  • All elements of a promotion mix such as personal selling, advertising, publicity is used to inform people about the availability of a product, its characteristics and features and to create desire in the mind of the people to buy the product. Sales promotion is an effort in the same direction and is another important element of the promotion mix which includes displays, free sample, trade fairs, exhibitions, discount coupons, deferred payment plans, etc.

Objectives of Sales Promotion

Different sales promotional tools have different objectives. For example, while a free sample may motivate a consumer to buy a product for the first time, a free check-up for existing durable product like television, refrigerator etc. may affect future purchase decision of the buyer. Some of the objectives of sales promotion are listed below:

Information to Customers

Sales promotion activities inform the potential buyer about the availability, features, uses etc. of the product. Thus, it offers additional support to promotional activities like advertising, publicity and personal selling (salesmanship).

Persuades Customers

Sales Promotion activities aim at arousing customers’ interest in the product and persuading them to buy.

Increase in Sales Volume

It aims at increasing sales. It is specially done during the periods when customer may not buy the product because it may not have immediate use, like a room cooler in winter, and a room heater in summer. The sales promotion schemes are a big help in making off-season sales and also in tempting the buyers to make quick decisions to purchase.

Incentive to Retailers

The main objective of sales promotional activities is to offer promotional support to retailers. Sales promotion schemes make sales easier. Incentive schemes help in getting shelf space for such products in new retail outlets.

Create Product Identity

  • A number of brands of a particular product are available in the market and it is very difficult to distinguish one from the other as all have similar

  • features, prices, variety etc. Under sales promotion programme, product identity is established by offering additional features and incentives. This helps in building consumers’ preference for the specific products and brands.

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