Internal Trade: Fixed Shop Retailing – Small Scale, Fixed Shop Retailing and Types of Large-Scale Retail Trade

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Fixed Shop Retailing – Small Scale

In every locality you find fixed shop retailers dealing with goods and services on a small scale. They deal with limited variety and limited quantity of goods and cater to the needs of a local area. They require less capital and provide goods to a limited number of customers. The grocery shops of your locality come under the category of small-scale fixed shop retailing. On the basis of the nature of goods they deal in, we can classify these retailing businesses as:

Classification Of Retailing Business

Classification of Retailing Business

General Store or Variety Store

These stores, as the name suggests, deal with a variety of items of general use. They sell products mostly required by people for their daily use. For example, in a variety store you can find different items of toiletry, hosiery, biscuits and snacks items, grocery, cosmetics, gift items and stationery, etc. Normally these retailers make direct sale by cash only. However, for their regular customers, these retailers may give discount, provide credit facility and also free home delivery of goods.

Single Line Store

These stores deal with a specific line of goods. You must have seen medicine shops, bookshops, toy shops, ready-made garment shops, etc. These are all single line stores. They sell goods of different size, brands, designs, styles and quality of the same product line.

Specialty Store

These stores deal with products of a specific brand or company. All varieties of any particular brand or manufacturer are made available in these stores. You must have seen stores, like Woodland shoe shops where products starting from shoes to apparel produced by Woodland company are made available to the customers.

Second-Hand Goods Shop

Now-a-days in cities and towns we find shops selling second-hand goods or used goods. These shops generally sell goods like books, furniture, clothes and other household items.

Fixed Shop Retailing – Large Scale

  • Apart from small-sized outlets, as discussed above, there are a number of large-sized retail shops that sell products on a large-scale. They come under large-scale fixed shop retail trading category.

  • Large-scale retail trade is the type in which single type of goods or a variety of goods is made available to a large number of consumers either in a big shop under a single roof or in various shops at the convenience of customers or directly delivered at the place of the customers.

Types of Large-Scale Retail Trade

Types Of Large Scale Retail Trade

Types of Large Scale Retail Trade

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