Consumer Protection: Responsibilities of Consumers, Collect Proof of Transaction, Proper Use of Product and Services (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Responsibilities of Consumers

Responsibilities of Consumers

Be Quality Conscious

To put a stop to adulteration and corrupt practices of the manufacturers and traders, it is the duty of every consumer to be conscious of the quality of product they buy. They should look for the standard quality certification marks like ISI, Agarak, FPO, Wool mark, Eco-mark, Hallmark etc. while making the purchases.

Beware of Misleading Advertisements

The advertisement often exaggerates the quality of products. Hence, the consumers should not rely on the advertisement and carefully check the product or ask the users before making a purchase. In case there are discrepancies, the same should be brought to the notice of the sponsors and the appropriate authority, if need be.

Responsibility to Inspect a Variety of Goods Before Making Selection

The consumer should inspect a variety of goods before buying the goods and service. For this purpose, he/she should compare their quality, price, durability, after sales service etc. This would enable the consumers to make the best choice within the limit of their own resources.

Collect Proof of Transaction

The consumer should insist on a valid documentary evidence (cash memo/invoice) relating to purchase of goods or availing of any services and preserve it carefully. Such proof of purchase is required for filing a complaint. In case of durable goods, the manufactures generally provide the warrantee/guarantee card along with the product. It is the duty of consumers to obtain these documents and ensure that these are duly signed, stamped and dated. The consumer must preserve them till the warrantee/guarantee period is over.

Consumers Must be Aware of Their Rights

The consumers must be aware of their rights as stated above and exercise them while buying goods and services. For example, it is the responsibility of a consumer to insist on getting all information about the quality of the product and ensure himself/herself that it is free from any kind of defects.

Complaint for Genuine Grievances

As a consumer if you are dissatisfied with the product/services, you can ask for redressal of your grievances. In this regard, you must file a proper claim with the company first. If the manufacturer/company does not respond, then you can approach the forums. But your claim must state actual loss and the compensation claim must be reasonable. At no cost fictitious complaints should be filed otherwise the forum may penalise you.

Proper Use of Product/Services

  • It is expected from the consumers that they use and handle the product/services properly. It has been noticed that during guarantee period, people tend to reckless use of the product, thinking that it will be replaced during the guarantee period. This practice should be avoided.
  • Apart from the responsibility enumerated above, the consumers should be conscious of their duty towards other consumers, society and ecology and make responsible choice. In other words, their purchases and consumption should not lead to waste of natural resources and energy and environmental pollution.

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