Commercial Agency Service: Travel and Tours Agency and Functions of Travel and Tour Agency (For CBSE, ICSE, IAS, NET, NRA 2022)

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Travel and Tours Agency

  • Travel agencies undertake a number of functions like preparing itineraries, getting reservation for travelling and hotel accommodation, arranging group tours, arranging credit facilities, helping to secure VISA, passport etc. These agencies not only work for the touring public but also for the organisations such as railways, airways, shipping companies and road transport companies. They provide business for these organisations and get good remuneration for their work. Sometimes, they work for hotels as well. Some of the topmost Tours and Travel Agencies in India are SITA World Travels, Indian Tourism Development Corporation, State Tourism Development Corporations of States, Thomas Cook India Ltd. , and so on.
  • Anyone who is competent to contract and has the requisite knowledge and capability, can operate a travel and tours agency. However, if the operations are on a regional or national level, it is desirable that the agency should apply for and seek recognition of the Department of Tourism of the Government of India or the State Government concerned. There are prescribed norms of operation that must be satisfied before recognition can be obtained.

Functions of Travel and Tours Agency

These agencies are indispensable to the touring public because of the following services rendered by them.

Functions of Travel and Tours Agency

Preparing Itinerary

These agencies have specialised knowledge of all the places of interest in a country. They help the traveling public in preparing a good itinerary i.e.. , programme of the travel or tours, so that the tourists can visit the maximum number of places of interest with optimum utilisations of the time and money available.

Helping Public to Secure Passport and Complete Other Formalities

These agencies help in securing the passport and completing VISA formalities on behalf of the traveling clientele in case of foreign travel.

Getting Reservation for Traveling Accommodation

These agencies help the travellers and tourists in getting the traveling accommodation reserved for the travel in railways, airways, ships and buses.

Getting Reservation of Hotel Accommodation

These agencies have specialized knowledge of hotels and their suitability to different types of tourists. They help in getting suitable accommodation reserved for the tourists during their stay at different places. Besides, they also provide local transport on hire for going to places of one՚s own interest.

Helping Tourists with Credit Facilities

These agencies help the tourists by granting credit or securing credit facilities for them, in case they fall short of money while traveling.

Arranging Group Tours

These agencies arrange economic and convenient tours in groups and provide package deals or special holiday packages which include the travel-fare and accommodation charges, sightseeing and other transportation charges to and from the place of departure. Some agencies also arrange tourist exchange programme between two countries.

Other Functions

Traveling with these agents means individual care and personalised attention. For this purpose, most travel agencies arrange for holidaying, water sports and tracking, adventure travels, fishing, pilgrimage etc. For business executives, they arrange conferences, meetings and discussions. For foreign travellers, they also provide courier service and help in Air and Sea Cargo clearance.

Placement Agency

After finishing their education everyone dreams of a job. What would you do? How would you locate a job that suits you? You may either look for vacancies in the newspaper or consult your employment exchange. Now a days, you can also seek the services of a placement agency for this purpose. The main function of placement agency is to introduce the job seekers to their prospective employers. A person looking for job may not know clearly how and where to look for vacancies and jobs. He/she then seeks the help of a placement agent. The placement agencies undertake a number of functions like informing the candidates about the availability of jobs, helping them in preparing their bio data, arranging for interviews and negotiating with the prospective employers. Some of the placement agencies even arrange for jobs abroad. They help in arranging everything for a candidate right from interviews to getting VISA, arranging foreign currency and even tickets.

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