Commercial Agency Service: Courier Service, Functions of Couriers, Function of Packers and Movers

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Courier Service

  • The Post Office is closed, and you need to send it today only so that it reaches the destination next day! You can take the help of a courier service that makes sure that your letter is sent on the same day and reaches the receiver in shortest possible time.

  • Couriers undertake the task of receiving letters, documents and parcels from sender and delivering the same to the addressees both within the country and abroad. As you know, post offices also receive letters, packets and parcels for dispatch to the addressees through speed post. As per the convenience people can utilize the services of post office and currier services. Like post office couriers also render valuable services, ensuring timely and prompt delivery of articles. Thus, couriers supplement the postal services.

Functions of Couriers

Couriers serve the public in different ways:

Image of Function Courier

Image of Function Courier

Packers and Movers

  • Suppose you want to shift your business to a faraway place. How would you manage to shift all your goods, furniture, equipment etc. without facing too many problems? In this context, the services of movers and packers can be utilised.

  • Packers and movers help of people when they want to shift from one place to another. They arrange the packing the goods properly to protect the goods from deterioration or damage, facilitate their handling and make sure that they are delivered safe and sound at their destination. Any person or firm undertaking the task of packing and shifting the goods on behalf of the owner is known as a packer and mover agent. They pack the goods in suitable containers and then send the goods to the place of destination by using their own transport system or by hiring the public vehicles or through train. They also arrange insurance of valuable goods while sending them to distant places. For all these services they charge fee form the sender of the goods.

Functions of Packers and Movers

The following are some of the important functions of Packers and Movers.

Functions of Packers And Movers

Functions of Packers and Movers

Packing the Goods

The packers and movers pack the goods according to the shape, size and type of goods. They make use of wrappers or containers for the purpose of packing the products. The packing material may consist of cloth, plastic sheets, carton, box, bag or crate etc.

Transporting the Goods

The packers and movers take the responsibility of sending the goods to the place of destination. They send the goods by road and rail to the place of destination. Some packers and movers use their own transport facility to send the goods.

Risk Bearing

The packers and movers bear the risk in handling the goods. The goods damaged or destroyed in transit or while packing and unpacking are to be borne by them. So, they take utmost care and use best quality packing material and engage well trained and experience staff for this purpose.

Insuring the Goods

To avoid the risk of loss during transit the packers and movers insure the valuable items during shifting to a long distance.

Unpacking the Goods

Once the goods reach the place of destination, they undertake the function of unpacking the goods. They check each and every item pace them in proper place.

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