Wage Employment: Requirements of Jobs in Terms of Knowledge, Skill and Personality Traits

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Requirements of Jobs in Terms of Knowledge, Skill and Personality Traits

After the detailed discussions about job opportunities available for wage employment, let us study the requirements of various jobs in terms of knowledge, skill, and personality traits.

Table of Requirements of Jobs in Terms of Knowledge, Skill and Personality Traits
Title: Table of Requirements of Jobs in Terms of Knowledge, Skill and Personality Traits







-Clerical Jobs


-Inward and outward mail handling

-Sending and receiving e-mail

- Filing -------Indexing

-Office correspondence

-Public dealing

-Typing Knowledge

-Knowledge about essential parts and keyboard of typewriter -----


of office machines

-Knowledge of Computer operation

-Knowledge of other routine office duties

-Knowledge of postal services

-Code of conduct of clerical jobs

-Computational skill (ability to count, calculate and do arithmetical operation)

-Technical skill (ability to handle office machine)

-Communication skill (ability to convey and interpret messages)

-Administrative skill (ability to handle paperwork and other office tasks









-stenographer and related jobs such as Personal Assistant/ Personal Secretary

-Taking dictation


-Officer’s personal correspondence

-Attending telephone calls

-Sending and receiving e-mail, fax message

-Assisting boss in official work

-Noting, drafting and follow up of letters

-Knowledge of Stenography

-Knowledge of Typing

- Knowledge of Computer operation

-Operational skills (ability to take & transcribe short- hand dictation)

-Technical skills (ability to operate telephone, fax & computer)

- Communication skills (ability to convey & interpret messages and deal with official correspondence)

-Interpersonal skill (ability to interact with general public) s



- Judgment


- Persuasiveness

- Accounts Clerk cum cashier in Banks

-Cash dealing (Receipt & Payment)

- Preparing FDR, Bank Draft and Telegraphic Transfers

-Handling of cheques & Bank Drafts

-Correspondence with the clients Helping clients in Bank dealing Maintenance of record.

-Arithmetical knowledge

-Knowledge of Banking Laws, Rules & Procedures

-Knowledge of Negotiable Instruments Act, loans and advances& RBI instructions

-Knowledge of Accounting -Knowledge of foreign exchange transactions

-Computational Skill (ability of calculation) Technical Skill (ability to use machines)

-Communicational Skill

-Conceptual skill (ability to handle foreign exchange transactions, dealing with Negotiable Instruments, sanctioning loans & advances)

-Helpfulness ----Diligence




-Telephone Operator

-Operating on Telephone

-PBX/PABX Board, FAX message lines

-Knowledge of organisational activities

-Knowledge of regional language

-Technical skill -Operational skill


Communication skill (fluency in language) Courtesy


- Patience




- Politeness

-Computer Operator

-Operating on Computers

-Knowledge of required software

-Technical skill

-Operational skill







-Store keeping activities in business firm and industry

-Maintaining records of incoming & outgoing stocks

-Maintenance of stock & safety measures for preservation of stock Receiving and issuing of stock

-Knowledge of Storekeeping Knowledge of Stores

Accounts including elementary cost accounting

-Knowledge of rules & procedure Knowledge of Inventory Methods

-Knowledge of identification, classification and codification of materials

-Accounting skill (ability to maintain Stores A/c)

-Operational skill (Skill of preparing voucher purchase orders, delivery notes, and inspection reports etc.)





-Counter Sales Jobs & Salesmanship

-To sell the product as per customers’ requirement

-To explain and demonstrate the use of different products

-Prepare cash memos

-Receive cash or ensure that cash is paid at cash counter.

-Ensure that delivery of goods is made against payment

-Knowledge of product & its attributes

- Knowledge of customers’ taste and preference

-Knowledge of competing product

-Elementary knowledge of marketing

-Communication skill (ability to persuade customers)

-Demonstration skill (ability of conducting demonstrations & displaying goods)

- Promotional skill (ensuring sales promotion)





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