Major Office Activities: Handling Office Machines and Equipment, Proper Installation, Training and Orientation of Staff

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Handling Office Machines and Equipment

You learnt about the different types of machines and equipment used in offices. The operation of each machines is different. Some machines need specialised technical staff for its operation while others need simple orientation. In this section let us know some of the general aspect of handling machines and equipment.

Handling office machines and equipment

Handling Office Machines and Equipment

Proper Installation

All machines and equipment are to be installed properly in the right place. This will ensure better efficiency and productivity.

Training and Orientation of Staff

All staff members those engaged to use any particular machine need to be trained by an experienced professional. They must read the user’s manual thoroughly. Regular orientation is also required in case of certain types of machine. The users should know how to change the cartridge of the printer and fax, ribbon of the typewriters etc.

Regular Maintenance

All machines require regular maintenance. Periodical inspection by technician avoids minor problems in the machines.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

It is a facility that enables the user of any durable goods to avail of maintenance service for a particular period by giving a onetime fee. The office machines and equipment of high value must be covered under AMC.

Guarantee and Warranty

The office must record the terms and conditions of Guarantee and Warranty. If any defect is noticed in the product or problem in operation of the product, it must be immediately intimated it to the seller.


After buying the machines and equipment, it is advisable to get those insured against loss, theft and fire.

Facility of Air Conditioning

In certain cases, a particular temperature is required to be maintained for smooth functioning of machines and equipment. For example, for operation of computers we need to have an air-conditioned room.

Power Back Up

Most of the office equipment and machines are run by electric power. The office must make necessary provision for supply of uninterrupted power to equipment like Computer, Fax, EPABX etc. Frequent power failure may lead to serious damage in the machines.

Data Back Up

Every office deal with certain data. It is prime responsibility of each and every office to have a backup of all these data. For example, the data stored in the hard disk of computer may be lost due to technical problems. So, to avoid such a situation, one should keep a copy of those data in a CD (Compact Disk). A hard copy (print out) of the same may be kept in the concerned file.

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