Modern Modes of Business: Mode of Business, Internet and It helps the Users

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  • Normally, to buy goods and services we visit the nearby market.

  • To book the train tickets we go to the rail reservation counters.

  • To make deposits and withdrawals of money we visit banks personally

  • Now-a-days all these facilities are available at our doorstep.

  • All these transactions are now being done with the help of Internet.

  • We can visit the world market at any time just sitting at our home.

  • We can avail of many facilities without visiting the shops or the market physically.

  • All these developments are the result of the changes in the economic policies effected by the government.

  • Learn in detail about all these modern modes of business.

Mode of Business

  • To buy goods and services we usually go to a nearby market personally where buyers and sellers get together for transactions.

  • The buyers check the quality and bargain the price.

  • These are the common modes of business transactions.

  • The activities of production, marketing, selling, banking, insurance etc. are all carried on at a faster speed through the use of computers and Internet.

  • When all these activities are carried on electronically it is commonly referred to as ‘Electronic Business’ or ‘e-Business’.

  • Internet plays an important role in all e-Business activities


  • The Internet, sometimes called simply the ‘net’, is a worldwide system of computer network through which the users at any computer can access the information from other computers.

  • It provides information regarding

    • Science and technology

    • History

    • Politics

    • Sports

    • Business

    • Current events

    • Music

    • Entertainment

    • News

    • Many more topics

It Helps the Users

Showing the internet helps the users in image

Image Showing the Internet Helps the Users

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