Computer Science: Fundamentals of Internet and Java Programming: Gateway Access and Dial-Up Connection

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Gateway Access

  • Gateway Access is also known as Level-One connection.

  • The gateway allows the two different types of networks to "talk" to each other.

  • The local Internet Service Provider (ISP) normally defines this limitation.

  • Good example of network with Level One Connectivity within India is that of VSNL (Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited).

Image of Gateway Access

Image of Gateway Access

Dial-Up Connection

Image of Dial-up Connection

Image of Dial-Up Connection

  • ‘Dial-up’ connection is also known as Level Two connection. This provides connection to Internet through a dial-up terminal connection.

  • The computer, which provides Internet access, is known as 'Host' and the computer that receives the access, is ‘Client’ or ‘Terminal’.

  • In dial-up connection to Internet, Host carries all the command that are types on a client machine and forwards them to Internet.

  • It also receives the data or information from the Internet on behalf of the 'Client' and passes it to them.

  • The client computer acted as a 'dumb' terminal connected to remote host.

  • This type of connection can further be divided into two categories.

Shell Connection

  • In this type of Internet connection, the user will get only textual matter of a Web Page.

  • This connection does not support Graphics display. However, the user will be able to surf the Internet, do FTP, receive mail.

TCP/IP Connection

  • Today's graphical World Wide Web browser provides easier access with multimedia sound and pictures. The major difference between Shell and TCP/ IP account is that shell can only display text and does not support graphics display, whereas TCP/IP can display both.

  • Hence TCP/IP is more popular Internet connection. Shell accounts are slowly phasing out from the Internet scenario.

  • To access any of these dial-up accounts you need the followings.

  • Computer

  • Modem

  • Telephone Connection

  • Shell or TCP/IP account from the ISP

  • Internet client software such as Internet browser

Leased Connection

  • Leased connection is also known as direct Internet access or Level Three connection. It is the secured, dedicated and most expensive, level of Internet connection.

  • Leased Internet connections are limited to large corporations and universities who could afford the cost.

Image of Leased Connection

Image of Leased Connection

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