Computer Science: Fundamentals of Internet and Java Programming: How Java Ignores the Identify of Your Chip

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How Java Ignores the Identity of Your Chip?

  • The chip inside your computer understands a machine code only.

  • Since this is too complex, programmers use a high-level language. This is the source code. This is converted into a machine code which the CPU understands.

  • Java follows a different route. In this context, we should know more about compiling and interpreting. Compiled programs make the entire machine code available to the computer at one go.

  • Every time you use the application, every line of machine code is installed in the memory of your computer.

  • This byte code is actually compatible with a computer that exists not as hardware but as software: The Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

This diagram shows hardware compatibility pre-jaba and post- …

Diagram Shows Hardware Compatibility Pre-Jaba and Post-Java

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