Data Entry: Formulas Functions and Charts: Graphics – Auto shapes and Smart Art and Different Categories of Auto Shapes

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Graphics – AutoShapes and Smart Art

  • The steps to activate and use AutoShapes are

  • Click on Insert Tab.

  • From Illustrations Group, Click on Shapes Now Select the which you want to insert.

Different Categories of AutoShapes

  • Lines

  • Connectors

  • Basic Shapes

  • Block Arrows

  • Flow Chart

  • Stars and Banners

  • Call Outs

Smart Art Graphics

  • Click on Insert Tab.

  • From Illustrations Group, Click on SmartArt

  • Now choose a category (Say Hierarchy) and click OK.

  • Now you can enter the values as shown below. To enter values just click on the component where you want to enter text and write the text.

  • You can apply different effects on the SmartArt, by the help of Design tab. Click on SmartArt. The Design tab will be visible with its ribbon. Select appropriate group from the ribbon and apply the desired effects.

Adding Clip Art

  • Click on Insert Tab.

  • From Illustrations Group, Click on Clip Art

  • Then Select a Collection and press Go Button

  • Click on a clip from the collection

  • Clip will be inserted in the worksheet.

  • To edit the clip, just click on the clip. This will display Format tab. Choose the relevant group from the ribbon of Format tab and do the necessary changes.

Inserting and Editing a Picture from a File

  • Click on Insert Tab.

  • Click on Insert Tab.

  • From Illustrations Group, Click picture.

  • Now select a picture from the location of the picture (where you have stored the picture) and press enter or click on insert button.

  • The picture is added on the excel sheet. Click on the picture to activate Format tab as shown below along with its ribbon showing groups like Adjust, Picture Styles, Arrange and Size. Use any of the groups to make necessary changes in the picture appearance.

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