Data Entry: Creating Presentation: Formatting Text, Saving and Printing, Page Setup and Saves as Files

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Formatting Text

  • Format Fonts: Select the text that will be formatted by highlighting the text either on the outline or on the slide. You can select from Home→Font menu bar or right click on the highlighted selection and select the Font menu from the popup shortcut menu. Select a font face, size, style, effect, and color from the Font dialog box.

  • Replace Fonts: Design templates have a preset font that you may want to change or you may want to change the font used on for the entire presentation for a number of reasons. This can be accomplished quickly using the Replace Fonts feature. Select Home→Replace→Replace Fonts from the menu bar. Choose the font you want to replace from the first drop-down menu and the font it should be replaced with from the second menu, and click the Replace button.

  • Line Spacing: Change the amount of space between lines in a text box by selecting Home→Line Spacing from the Paragraph menu bar.

  • Change Case: Change the case of the characters in a paragraph by selecting Home→Change Case from the Font menu bar without having to retype the text.

  • Sentence case - Capitalizes the first letter of the first word in each sentence.

  • Lowercase and uppercase - Changes the case of all the letters.

  • Title case - Capitalizes the first letter of every word and reduces the rest to lowercase.

  • Toggle case - The opposite of Title case, it makes the first letter of every word lowercase and capitalizes the remaining letters.

Bulleted Lists on Design Templates: Bulleted lists allow you to clearly display the main points of your presentation on slides. The text boxes on design templates already include bulleted lists. Click the placeholder on the slide to begin adding text and press the ENTER key to return to the next line and add a new bulleted item. To go to the next line without adding another bullet, hold down the SHIFT key while pressing ENTER.

Saving and Printing

You can save your presentation slides as a file in a folder. You can also save the slides as Web page so that you can post them on Internet. Printing is similar to what you have done in Word and Excel. Remember to set up your page before saving or printing your presentation slides.

Page Setup

Select Office button→Print Preview from the menu bar to access options for printing the presentation slides. Select the format the printed slides will be used for from the Slides drop-down menu.

Save as File

To save your presentation slides as a file, select Office button→Save As command on the menu bar or simply click on the Save button on the toolbar on top. The Save As dialog box appears. Choose the folder and drive that your file will be located, type the name of the file, and then click Save in the Save As dialog box.

Save as Web Page

Presentations can be saved by selecting Office button→Save As command on the menu bar as explained earlier. Select Office→Save As and select Web Page command from the drop down. Choose your web page directory on the network from the Look in: drop-down menu and name the file in the File name: box. Click Save to save the presentation in web format.


Select Office button→Print command on the menu bar to print the presentation. The Print dialog box appears. Choose the following options in the Print box.

  • Print range - Select all to print all the slides in the presentation, Current slide to print only the current slide, or enter slide numbers in the Slides field to print only certain slides.

  • Copies - Enter the number of copies of each slide specified in Print range and check the Collate box if necessary.

Print What –

  • Slides - prints a full-page slide on each page.

  • Handouts - prints as many slides as you designate on each page

  • Notes Page - prints one slide with that slide's notes on each page

  • Outline view - prints the outline of the presentation Click OK to print

Close a Document

To close the current presentation slides file, select Office button→Close command on the menu bar. If the file contains any unsaved changes, you will be prompted to save the file before closing.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Image of Keyboard Shortcuts

Image of Keyboard Shortcuts

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