NIOS Class 12 English: Chapter 12 Summary of One Act Play- ‘if I WERE YOU’ Grammar

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12.4 Summary of One Act Play Section - ‘Gerrard and His Mystery’

Gerrard seems mysteries man, was he also a crook? Let՚s find out what happened next.

  • Intruder replies to Gerrard that, he had noticed his weird behaviour he orders something on phone and suddenly he go away or come back suddenly and he only wants to do the same, that՚s why he fill lucky to knowing about him (Gerrard)
  • Gerrard replies to Intruder that, don՚t you find it weird? Aren՚t you a intelligent enough to find out mystery behind my behaviour?
  • Intruder prepares his gun to shoot Gerrard and tell him that, this conversation is getting bore for him.
  • Gerrard tries to stop him and tell him that, don՚t be fool, you will be hand for sure rather as yourself or as Vincent Charles Gerrard.
  • Intruder was in shock.
  • Gerrard open his mystery as, what do you thinks about my behaviour? You said that my lifestyle will suits you but do you had think about what I am?
  • Intruder do not believe Gerrard so Gerrard clarify this all he says, things also went wrong with him but unfortunately one of his men was arrested by them and they find some important things which should be burnt by me, that why I suppose to expecting trouble tonight and which lead me to pack my bag and clear off.
  • Intruder gets confuse, so Gerrard show him his disguise outfit; false moustaches and may more things to make him believe.
  • Intruder denied Gerrard՚s clam in reply Gerrard request him to believe him and told Intruder to come with him in car, further he added that if I am wrong in any manner then you have your gun.
  • Intruder believe him and Gerrard was in hurry he says, so don՚t west time.
  • Intruder warn Gerrard, but be careful as his eyes will on him (Gerrard) .
  • Gerrard replies that, he had posted a man on the main road, and he will give a call if he sees the police but he do not want to take risk so he wants to hurry up.
  • But till that telephone bells a ring and Gerrard told Intruder to follow him till the garage, but Intruder was not looking so convened.
  • In reply Gerrard gets angry and says don՚t be fool otherwise look for yourself.
  • After this Gerrard open the door and step out, Intruder inspect his action but with revolver ready in his hand, as he turns his head, Gerrard pushed him in cupboard and knocked his revolver. He slams the door and looked it.
  • Gerrard was pointing gun to the door of cupboard and receive call.
  • Intruder was rattle the door and shouts to open a door.
  • At that time Gerrard was taking call and says, he is sorry because he will not able to get then dress at rehearsal, he have had a spot of bother – quite amusing and will put it in his next play.
  • And request to inform his friend the Sergeant to come to his cottage at once. Who will be the Public Bar probably?


Appropriate Use of Tenses

  • Verbs come in three tenses: Past, Present and Future.
  • Verb tenses also includes simple tense, perfect tense, progressive tense and perfect progressive tense. And it can refer to these 3 main tenses.
Appropriate Use of Tenses
TensesTenses RuleExample
Past simple tenseSubject + V2 + ObjectDaana made a roti.
Past Perfect tenseSubject + had + V3 + ObjectDaana had made a roti.
Past Continuous tenseSubject + was + V1 + ing + Object (Singular) Subject + were + V1 + ing + Object (Plural)Daana was making a roti.
Past perfect continuous tenseSubject + had been + V1 + ing + ObjectDaana had been making a roti.
Present Simple tenseSubject + V1 + s/es + Object (Singular)

Subject + V1 + Object (Plural)

Daana makes roti
Present Perfect tenseSubject + has + V3 + Object (Singular)

Subject + have + V3 + Object (Plural)

Daana has made a roti
Present Continuous tenseSubject + is/am/are + V1 + ing + objectDaana is making roti.
Present perfect continuous tenseSubject + has been + V1 + ing + Object (Singular)

Subject + have been + V1 + ing + Object (Plural)

Daana has been making a roti.
Future Simple tenseSubject + will/shall + V1 + ObjectDaana will make a roti.
Future Perfect tenseSubject + will have/shall have + V3 + ObjectDaana will have made a roti.
Future Continuous tenseSubject + will be/shall be + ing + V1 + ObjectDaana will be making a roti.
Future Perfect Continuous tenseSubject + will have been + V1 + ing + ObjectDaana will have been making rot.

V1 = first form of the verb V2 = second form of the verb V3 = third form of the verb

  • Some aspects to consider to use correct tense while you are changing tense:
    • Know the usage of each tense properly.
    • Know proper form of verbs for each tense.
    • Keep the same tense if everything happens in the same time frame while you are shifting tense.
    • Use single world to show a change in tense.
    • Change tense to show a change in time from one event to another event.